Model: Aidra

Aidra Fox is absolutely stunning. We honestly could not believe she just turned 18 years old. She carries herself with a grace that just can not be learned. She has the cutest face with the biggest brown eyes you will ever see. Her sweet face hides an inner wild child and she is going to let it out at X-Art. We will have this beauty back soon! Aidra likes to watch movies and has a punk-rock side that she can hide if she wants.

Aidras Ultimate Sexual Fantasy

Stunning brunette Aidra has done some fabulous shoots with X-Art, but you never have seen her hotter or more gorgeous than now.
She loves doing solo and lesbian scenes, but fucking a guy always has been temptingly beyond reach. Thank goodness Aidra has an inner wild child and now is eager to take the next step.
“You know, I am pretty sexually liberated but there is one fantasy that I have never fulfilled,” she told us recently.

  • Aidra – Queen Of Hearts

    Aidra - Queen Of Hearts

    Aidra knows how to bring the spice to life, and she’s not afraid to go after what she wants…and who she wants ;-)
    This girl will rule your sexual world. Just watch the way she flirtatiously masturbates for you.
    Call her your queen and she will capture your heart.

  • Aidra - Queen Of Hearts
  • Jenna, Belle, Aidra – They Only Look Innocent

    Jenna, Belle, Aidra - They Only Look Innocent

    At X-Art, we say three is always company :-)
    Especially when it’s three smokin’ hot girls! Let Jenna and new sex sirens Belle & Aidra show you how they explore the dynamics of a sexy threesome. This is a first for all of them, and I have a feeling won’t be the last. Anyway, they only look innocent ;-) XO
    P.S. The video will be soon and it is so much fun!

  • Jenna, Belle, Aidra - They Only Look Innocent