Model: Ally

Ally is a captivating eastern European model who recently became interested in expanding her professional and sexual horizons to include beautiful erotica with us. With her hazel eyes, full lips and beautiful body with spectacular tits, she is a natural. Lucky for you, Moscow-born Ally prefers to live where she truly can be free. This includes opening herself to bisexual adventures; threesomes; swapping couples; and, yes, indulging a secret hunger for anal sex. “To be honest, I love fucking while other people watch,” she told me. “I guess it is my voyeuristic, kinky side. Sex is beautiful, and I don’t believe in artificial limitations.” Neither do we, Ally!

Gina, Ally – A Threeway Present

Colette Gina, Ally - A Threeway Present

In this situation Gina brings a present to her husband. Her step-sister. So no relation whatsoever, but Gina knew her man had been lusting after this new addition to the family for months. Well with Gina sharing is caring. So she presents her guy with Ally (red ribbon and all) so they could make love, fuck like rabbits and laugh about it all after multiple orgasms from beautiful people and a few good skin flicks. What a generous girl Gina is. Let’s all be more like her.
I don’t want to give too much away here, you’ll have to watch and cum for yourselves.

  • Colette Gina, Ally - A Threeway Present