Model: Angelica

Susie, Angelica, Heidi – Group Sex

When Angelica and Ben invited their three closest friends over for cocktails and “fun”, they probably had no idea just how enjoyable their evening would be.
Where these beautiful people go, sexy times indeed follow. And this occasion is no exception! You will be desperate to join in on the fun — which involves a whole lot of sucking, fucking, and cumming altogether.
Good luck lasting through this beautifully erotic masterpiece!
You will need it ;-)

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Susie & Angelica – Just The Three Of Us

“Just the three of us, we can make it if we try, just the three of us…you (and you) and I.”
Angelica and Ben are two of the sexiest people on the planet, and when Susie joins them for the evening, magic happens. This blonde sex fest is a beautiful spectacle, from beginning to end. I have a feeling they will be asking for the chance at round two soon. You will at least :-) This is fucking perfection my friends.
Enjoy moving to the erotically awesome tune!

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Angelica – Good Night Kiss

A Good Night Kiss and she is left alone in bed. Angelica decides she hasn’t had enough, so she dresses in her sexiest heals and lingerie.
She pulls on her trench coat and she proceeds over to her husbands office. She climbs on him and starts sucking his cock, next she offers him her wet pussy and finally (because he loves it) her perfect asshole. Now thats a Kiss Good Night!
These are awesome photos, watch the video too!

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Angelica – Lovers At Home

You are invited in to watch the hottest couple on the internet make passionate love. Angelica is so young and beautiful (perfect body, face, smart and a ballerina), she is unreal.

Join in with these lovers at home….(you will want to)

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Angelica – Almost Famous

Angelica - Almost Famous

Angelica and Ben are absolute perfection. When they go out and people see them they always think they are famous because they are so beautiful! Watch these two movie stars make each other cum.
They LOVE sex ;-)

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Angelica – Single Shade of Grey

Angelica only needs one shade of grey….Need I say more? We were shooting all weekend; lots of cool stuff coming soon!

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Kaylee & Angelica – So Close Together

Kaylee and Angelica. Two more X-Art superstars are paired together for an Amazing lesbian experience. You will only find Kaylee in boy/girl sex scenes on X-Art and she actually had her first experience making herself cum and with a woman on or off camera at X-Art.

And Angelica is just one of the hottest women on the planet! So really enjoy two of the greatest beauties on the planet as they enjoy eachother. And maybe cum along with them…

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Angelica – Dreams Come True

Dreams do come true (for Angelica’s boyfriend especially). Watch this beautiful couple make love for all the right reasons. They are so natural and into eachother. They will make you want to fall in love or have an orgasm or both…Either one would be good ;-)

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Angelica – Getting Down

Stunning Russian beauty Angelica and her hot lover had a lot of fun while we shot this video. They choose some hip techno music to dance around and strip to and then continued making love to the beat!
Watch this awesome couple get turned on by the music and then enjoy as he slides his think cock into her tight perfect pussy. They continue grinding to the beat until she is shaking with orgasm and he follows. An amazing couple with the best chemistry.
Don’t miss this one. It is so cool (and REALLY hot too)…

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Leila, Caprice & Angelica – The Sleepover

Leila, Caprice & Angelica - The Sleepover

Talk about a “Dream Team”!
Angelica, Caprice and Leila are probably some of the hottest girls I have ever met and they all LOVE sex (and each other, yaay!!) Watch these three stunners literally cum together. Imagine being invited to this sleepover party….
Sounds like fun, right? Cum inside and see just much fun they are having!

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