Model: Ashley S

Just 19 and extremely eager to shoot for X-Art we met Ashley in Mallibu. Welll it worked our perfectly because she couldn’t get enough of it and we can’t get enough of her! An absolutely stunning body, gorgeous eyes and the coolest personality ever. She is smart and sweet and sometimes wears glasses. The girl next door you may have missed at first glance, but you won’t miss her again. Welcome to X-Art and see you again soon…

Ashley S & Sammy – They Seem So Sweet

What do you get when you mix a ravishing redhead with a beautiful blonde?

A whole lot of sexy! So then what do you get when these babes start touching and licking each other’s naked bodies? Definitely hot and wet (for girls like me) or hard (for fellas like many of you)…or let’s just say HORNY for all sexual beings :-) These girls know how to get freaky, and literally could have gone for hours if we would’ve let them. They will blow your mind, so get ready.
They only seem so sweet…

  • Ashley S & Sammy – Go Fish

    Do you have an ace? Maybe a 10? When referring to the three of these sexy things, I’d say yes and yes! Watch their game of cards move from teasing to pleasing in a matter of seconds. Sammy and Ashley have incredible blow job talent, as you will see…AND an affinity for group love (yes please!) I can’t think of a better way to welcome Sammy to X-Art than to have some threesome fun :-)
    These babes are soooo hot! Cum get some beautiful erotica…or go fish!

  • Ashley S & Sammy – Surprise, Surprise

    An extra surprise for everyone today!
    I couldn’t help but share how HOT these two beauties are together ,and with Seth. Watch as they blindfold him, hold him down and have their way with him. The sucking, fucking and cumming is abundant and real. I think Seth could barely handel the voracity of these two amazingiy sexual woman!
    Man or woman: who wouldn’t like to wake from a nap to this surprise?

  • Ashley S & Sammy - Surprise, Surprise
  • Ashley S – All I Want Is…

    Ashley S - All I Want Is...

    All I want is love, peace, and happiness…and a gorgeous, delicious girl like Ashley to remind us of the incredible beauty in this world! She really is a gem, and Jeff soaks in every minute with her (wouldn’t you?!)
    Now go enjoy the touching, tasting, sucking, and fucking that will turn you on and make you love life (and beautiful erotica!) :-)

  • Ashley S - All I Want Is...
  • Ashley S – Awakening

    This is Ashley’s first time ever having sex on camera with a boy and she also had sex with a girl for the first time for us at X-Art. Point being, for her first time I have to say this may have been one of the hottest newbies we have EVER had the pleasure to work with!

    She has an appetite for sex as fiery as her red hair. Watch this couple fall in love before your eyes and witness some of the hottest passion the internet has to offer. This video alone is worth the price of a membership!

    We are shooting Ashley two more days this month!