Model: Baby

Kaylee & Baby – I Cant Wait

Kaylee & Baby - I Cant Wait

Baby and Kaylee couldn’t wait to have the chance to get together again (for only their second time!).
These two beautiful teens are so perfect…what more could you ask for? Ok maybe to get a taste of each yourself…then get back to watching this amazingly hot sex of course :-) Pick a good seat because you won’t want to miss this show.
I know I can’t wait! XO

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Caprice & Baby – Grow Up With Me

When Baby first started at X-Art she had never been with a woman, much less a group! Caprice had much more experience and she brings her little X-Art sister into a really hot and pssionate couples session.

All four were so turned on. Watch as they give each other multiple orgasms. This is an Amazing photo set from an absolutely awesome HD video coming soon. I just really love it! And even if groups are not for you, I suggest you watch this one anyway. The passion and love will appeal to men, women and couples. It is just really great to see a combination like this, especially when they are so into it. We had a blast shooting this scene ;-)

A Very rare gem that you will only see on X-Art!

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Baby – New Romance

It’s a new romance for Baby and Jake. Our exclusive X-Art beauty is with a new man for the first time (yes, except for the FIRST time when she was with Logan on the boat on Ibiza).
Watch as Baby and Jake make love and really get into each other. The first time is sometimes the best time. Don’t miss this one!

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Gianna & Baby – Pool Party For Three

Imagine you are on vacation with Baby and Gianna…two of the hottest girls on the planet.
What would you do with them. Go for a swim? Have them suck your cock at the same time? Take turns licking their perfect pussies and then fuckinhg them like crazy until you were all satisfied and laying in the sun.
Sound good?

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Baby – Yeah Baby!

Here she cums! Baby on her own and hot as ever! Oh Yeah Baby! Watch her cum. A stunning photo set of an even more stunning X-Art exclusive girl.

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Baby – Good Morning Baby

Baby likes sex in the morning the best (I think a lot of girls do, I do anyway). Watch her and Tyler as they wake up together. He licks and sucks on her perfect little pussy and then she returns the favor by taking his hard cock in her mouth.

When she is really wet, he pushes himself inside her tight pussy. They are so comfortable with each other and the chemistry just flows. They move in unison until they both have orgasms. He pulls out at the last possible moment and cums all over her flat stomach.

Good Morning Baby!

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Kaylee & Baby – Together At Last

Two exclusive X-Art superstars fly to meet each other in Madrid and the result is awesome in this HD Video! Both Kaylee and Baby had sex with a women (and a man for that matter) on camera for the first time at X-Art.
Well they actually had sex with a man for the first time (on camera) for X-Art but they both had their actual first time lesbian experience (on or off camera) with us.
Turns out they both love it and each other.
Watch them use their new-found skills while they make the other cum. Together, at last…oh yes!

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Baby – Names

A true X-Art special.
Enjoy this cinematic and fun video.
Baby and Tyler are in for a big surprise and you are invited to celebrate with them.
Watch this adorable couple in their apartment and experience the most intimate moments with them.
I am sure everyone will love this one!

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Baby – Everlasting Friendship

Baby and Tyler have become friends with benefits. They love making love to each other, but sadly it doesn’t seem like it is going any further. Luckily sometimes an everlasting friendship can be just as good as true love.
Watch here as they expertly please each other. She knows just how he wants his cock sucked and he knows just how to fuck her to make her cum.
Sometimes it’s nice to just have a good friend around.

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Baby – Afternoon Snack

Baby and Tyler stop home to their apartment for some steamy, hot sex and and an ‘afternoon snack’.
They both have some lunch as he licks and eats her pussy until she comes. Then she begs him to enter her, but to finish in her mouth (she said likes that the best). A super-cute couple that we just keep loving all over again.
Watch this HD video and see if it makes you hungry….XO

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