Model: Bambi

Bambi is a new model and one that you fans of European models will love. Yes, this babe from Belarus has fabulous tits. She also has curves in all of the right places and she loved getting naked for her first lesbian shoot with us. Not that Bambi has anything against fucking the right guy, either. Trust me: her orgasms are very real, and she can’t have just one. “I guess I am a bit of an exhibitionist,” she says with a smile. “All I know is that I get turned on totally when I shoot with you guys.” We know the feeling, Bambi!

Bambi, Claudia, Melania – Girls Night In (Over 21 Vodka Orgy)

Strikingly beautiful, raven-haired Melania has the weekend, a spacious hotel room and some fine Russian vodka.
Even better, she has busty Bambi and sexy redhead Claudia to share the good times with her. Three gorgeous European bisexual models and a few drinks later, it is time for a Melania sandwich. The girl with the delicate features and beguiling smile is the first to have her clothes removed by her friends on either side. Bambi applies a vibrator to Melania’s clit as her perfect pussy gets wetter and she feels her first orgasm.

Not to be outdone, Melania shows her voluptuous girlfriend how to properly lick her full lips as her head settles between Bambi’s well-toned legs. Claudia makes it a three-way as her pussy finds its way to Bambi’s mouth. Have some more vodka, girls. Naturally, Melania wraps her pretty hands around a very large, cock-shaped dildo and goes deep inside Bambi until she is writhing in sexual ecstasy.
Kind of figures that Melania would find something HUGE, doesn’t it? Let the fucking, naked frenzy and Russian elixir continue!