Model: Bunny

Bunny aka Chloe Foster is super sweet American girl. Extremely petite, with a pretty face, she is what some would refer to as a ‘spinner’. A real pleasure to work with since she truly enjoys sex. She also loves animals, playing video games and reading. Bunny lives in Los Angeles (and obviously that is not her real name LOL, but she chose it and I thought is was fun). She is just like an adorable little Bunny! You almost want to keep her as a pet…and I don’t mean that in a weird way, she is just so small and cute!

Bunny & Alice – Bad Girls

Alice and Bunny are bad girls.
I mean bad in the BEST possible way ;-)
They are hanging out and painting their nails when their friend comes over.
The two love bunnies decide that they are horny and start taking advantage of him.
A hot and spontaneous orgy ensues. Think of everything you would want in a threesome. It gets so hot that they almost break the couch!
One of the few times you will see the amazing Alice again.

  • Bunny & Scarlet – Fashion Models

    I don’t know if any of you guys know this, but in my younger years (teens actually) I did a little bit of fashion modeling. When I never grew past 5’7 by 19 years old I retired.
    Anyway, so many of the photographers were such weirdos (obviously not all photographers are pompous a-holes LOL). Most are pretty cool. But, I thought it would be funny to try and direct Tyler to be a jerk (if you know him, you would see that he is actually one of the nicest guys on the planet; so his acting skills are really quite good here!). I had to keep reminding him to be a jerk, the girls and I were cracking up the entire time! I also had to keep directing the girls to act like they didn’t want him (because they both thought he was really hot, which he is…and so are they).
    Soooo, long story short (or kind of long I guess) this all adds up to a whole bunch of fun.
    We put the red fake-leather furniture on the set to make it seem a little cheesy and 80’s-style too. But for me, it works. It’s a little bit of comedic relief and hot sex in a world filled with seriousness.
    And now if you want to watch a REALLY HOT AND FUN THREESOME then check this one out. It may not be fully X-Art style but it is a few laughs and some great orgasms.
    Really what’s wrong with that? “Are you doubting my Artistic Integrity???….”LOL

  • Bunny – Bottoms Up

    She’s a wild one!
    She LOVES sex and has a really kinky side.
    In this EXTREMELY hot video watch Bunny have multiple orgasms while James pleasures her orally.
    Then he pushes his big cock in her tight pussy while she has her pretty glass toy in her ass (this was her idea). She loves to have sex like this in real life and wanted to do it for the cameras.
    Watch her ride him and cum again while she is filled up completely. And finally she asks him to push himself inside (instead of the glass toy in her ass).
    If you don’t like anal you can still watch the beginning. If you like it, you will LOVE this one! ;-)

  • Bunny – Another Night

    Bunny is brand new to the adult business and she is already loving it!
    We thought she would make a cute match with Logan and it turns out we were right. They were so adorable before they started shooting; Logan was teaching her some meditation techniques and they were doing some yoga on the floor. Really great vibes from them both. And the best part is that they both truly loved the sex! Watch them pleasure each other orally and then make passionate love from multiplel positions. Real and hot action and cool visuals with his long cock in her little pussy. Spinner lovers: Bunny is for you!