Model: Catie

Catie is the girl next door who was really smart in school and also REALLY HOT. But she goes about it in a shy way. She knows she’s cute ( I mean come on those freckels are to die for). She has a perfect body with perky breasts and gorgeous eyes. Charming, smart and really likes girls; Catie is going to be a catch for a man or woman someday soon. Only reason I think she is unattached right now is that she just turned 20 (right after our first shoot with her). So she’s still young and experimenting. And we are very happy she chose to have some fun with us at X-Art! Hope you love her!

Jenna & Catie – Girls Love Pink (& diamonds)

X Art Jenna & Catie - Girls Love Pink (& diamonds)

Catie is at X-Art for the first time (well this was her second time actually). Her first time was at our house with Charlotte.

Either way we loved her and Jenna so much that we brought them back to play on my pink bed! Watch as these two wild girls make each other cum hard! Sugar & Spice ;-)

  • X Art Jenna & Catie - Girls Love Pink (& diamonds)
  • Charlotte & Catie – The Best Blondes

    The title says it all! Watch two of the best blondes in the business give each other amazing orgasms against a backdrop of crystal blue ocean and sky. Catie is wearing my favorite bikini! These girls only have sex with girls on camera and they really LOVE it! I’m not sure but I think they like men in their personal lives as well as the ladies. Either way, these girls are pussy lovers, you will see in it on the video!

    Very hot! The best blondes! (well Brig would say except for me LOL). But check this one out and see what you think!!