Model: Cayla

Blonde babe Cayla makes her X-Art debut in a super hot threesome. This innocent looking, blue-eyed Czech girl is a top European model who is passionately bisexual. “To be honest, what I do is a dream come true,” Cayla says. “I love modeling, and let’s be honest, great sex is off the charts.” She is a physical fitness fanatic and, well, let’s say that she has nymphomaniac tendencies. “X-Art is total class,” Cayla adds. “And, yes, it feels very natural to be shooting for Brig and Colette. I love to fuck, and they know how to make me look both passionate and beautiful. It is so real.”

Cayla – Into The Lions Mouth

Cayla is one of those Czech lionesses, hence her name and her thick mane of blonde hair. You’ll have something to give thanks for when she gets you into her den. You’re right there taking her in every imaginable position. You think you’re in control, but are you really? You know what they say about female lions (oops, I don’t really know what they say, but they must be madly sexual and worth fighting over).
Anyway, Cayla is really someone to give thanks for and so is this video.
Grrr, roar and don’t rush too quickly to get up from giving Thanks and get over to your computer and see what and who’s cumming next!