Model: Chelsea

Chelsea – Je t’aime Chelsea

Je t’aime Chelsea

Je t’aime Chelsea. And so does everyone else apparently. This was her actualy first time in front on the camera (first photo-set ever). She really loves the pictures and posing for them. At just 4’11 with extremely large (and perky breasts), perfect ass, giant eyes and a tight stomach; she is a divine creation of nature.

I just can’t stop looking at her! Can you? J’t’aime to all of you!

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Chelsea – First Loves

Chelsea - First Loves

Chelsea is another stunnng all American girl who just turned 18. She and her boyfriend came to X-Art to make a video. She is 4’11 with size D breasts (and they are real I promise). She looks just like a doll. If you were her I bet you would want to show your beautiful naked self to the world too! They were a little amateur because it was their first time. So we went slow with them and just let them do whtever they wanted. Have fun watching this beauty and her man.

Again, only on X-Art! It’s sometimes really cool to watch a couple for the first time. Because you never have to worry about faking, they just do what comes naturally to them. These two have been together since middle school (for 6 years). They are so cute!

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