Model: Chloe Couture

Perky Chloe Couture is an adorable blonde with dark, soulful eyes that drive men and women crazy. The teenager is a part-time college student who models to pay for tuition. She may have baby doll good looks, but her slender, elegant body is all woman. Naturally, the thought of trying more erotic work has crossed her mind. “Yes, I totally love sex,” Chloe teases. “I sucked a few dicks in high school just like every other healthy American girl. But having sex while others watch me and get off definitely is higher education. I want to be beautiful and photographed with style and romance.” High Couture, indeed. Chloe and X-Art are made for each other.

Chloe Couture – Cookies and Cream

College coed Chloe tries to hit the books during the holidays, but there are so many temptations around. Lucky for us, Jax knows that this adorable blonde teenager has a weakness for chocolate. She loves to lick it, kiss it and put all of it in her mouth. And that is after the cookie and ice cream! Chloe’s passion is a handsome African-American man with a cock that is almost too big for this petite blonde.
Chloe is not to be denied, however, and her gorgeous, wet pussy is stretched tight as she climbs on her guy. She is naked except for her stockings, and Jax’ big dick fucks her with care. And passion.
Yes, Chloe knows the true meaning of a delicious Christmas delight, don’t you think?

  • Chloe Couture, Anya, Bae Wolf – Kaleidoscope of Cum

    If you are a gorgeous model who appreciates the beauty of both the pussy and the cock, what should you do?
    If you enjoy sensual delight as much as Chloe and Anya, you invite new Colette Girl Bae Wolf to join in a three-way and then find an extremely well endowed, very lucky guy to complete the perfect fuckfest.

  • Chloe Couture – Pink Kitty

    Blonde cutie Chloe Couture is a college coed who loves fashion, cats and romantic sex. The girl with the soulful eyes flashed a beguiling smile when I suggested that she slip out of her tiny pink outfit and play with her very own kitty. Chloe loves the feel of a cock in her mouth and inside her pussy, and a very large dick-shaped toy soon caught her attention.

  • Chloe Couture – Chloe In Couture

    Her last name and her beauty tell everyone that Chloe Couture is made for high fashion.
    Dressed to kill and ready for fun, she couldn’t resist posing in front of my favorite photograph from the night that Brigham and I first dated. (Funny how I soon lost my clothes!) Chloe has the same romantic idea in mind as she poses in her black dress and pearls on the sofa. But her boyfriend is doing what cums naturally — watching the wonderful erotic world of X-Art on his laptop as his cock gets hard. Finally, he gives this hot blonde teenager with the baby doll good looks and sophisticated allure the erect attention she craves.
    It gets hot and heavy as each displays excellent oral skills.
    And when Tyler pulls her legs over her head and fucks Chloe hard and deep, multiple orgasms complete this pretty picture.