Model: Chloe

18 year-old Chloe aka Viktoria Sweet loves showing off her tiny body for the camera. She looks sweet and innocent, but believe me – she’s a verrrrry naughty girl! This was her first time posing nude. Enjoy!

Chloe Loves Carl Part II

Colette here: I had to add a prescript (is that a word) to this set. Chloe and Carl are the first couple Brig and I ever shot and almost 7 years later here they are again, together and happily married. Dreams do come true. This really happens….love them, like we do. Thank you Basti and Petra for bringng them back! Chloe awakens in the morning before Carl — to brew some coffee and plan the day. Just to her luck, Carl is an early riser as well (anatomically speaking ;-)) and may have a treat in the bed if she dares to jump back in.

Hmm…she takes the risk and crawls across to him. Then after some passionate kissing, Chloe straddles Carl’s face, letting him say “good morning” to her sweet, young pussy :-) She returns the greeting to him and his hard cock with some sucking and much anticipated fucking. Mmm her ass is perfectly plump and delicious too.
P.S. Chloe is obviously older than 18 now.
That is the age she was in her model photo.

  • Chloe – 18 & Not So Innocent

    18 year-old Chloe may look sweet and innocent at first, but in reality she’s a naughty little troublemaker.
    This was her first time posing nude, but she has plenty of other experience…
    Enjoy her very first nude photos, and many more soon to come…