Model: Christina

Christina is a sweet school girl from Madrid. She played lacrosse at her Catholic high school. She really wanted to be a fashion model but it didn’t go that well for her, so after graduation she moved to Prague to pursue a nude modeling career. She’s since discovered that she loves showing off her gorgeous, naked body more than anything else. We are one of the first to work with her. She is very sweet and quite a tease. She giggled a lot during the shoot… a real naughty girl.

Christina – Bad and Beautiful

This is one of Christina’s first nude photo shoots. She is a very young looking 18 year old who loves to be naked, but is still a little nervous in front of the camera. It was her idea to wear her school skirt and strip out of it. She was definitely getting excited during the shoot, she didn’t have to be asked to show her pussy for the camera. Imagine shooting Christina, she bats her lashes and acts like a little girl, but at the same time dares you to come closer and give her what she wants….