Model: Daisy

You’ll probably think I’m making this up, but Daisy Young is a school teacher. I know what you’re thinking, My teachers were never THAT HOT!!!The truth is, when she’s not busy in the classroom, this little 19 year-old pixie likes to cut loose and have a good time.Shooting Daisy was quite an experience! She kept checking herself out in the mirror, which is understandable.Describing herself, Daisy said, Have you ever seen a pussy THIS beautiful! I mean, come on! Yes… Daisy is unforgettable.

Daisy – Secret Place

Daisy was up in our bedroom, opening her legs while stripping off her thin white t-shirt.
Watch her stretch and flaunt her perfectly toned, athletic body.

  • Daisy – Fucking Beautiful

    Eyes closed, creating a blissful moment in her mind, Daisy rubs her breasts. Kneeling down on a sheet of black satin, she slowly grinds her hips. The soft, silky feeling against her knees causes Daisy to smile and open up.
    She runs her hand from the edge of her palm to her finger tips over her warm, inviting love, savoring every second of the sensation.
    Daisy kisses the tip of a thick, clear dildo, gliding it down her lips and then resting it against her chin. She takes the head into her beautiful, delicate mouth and then she pushes the dildo up inside her pussy.