Model: Diana

Just 18 years old and on a year abroad with her university – Diana aka Diana Fox (Diana Hamenova, Tereza) is the college girl of your dreams! A natural athlete she plays soccer (football). She loves reading, painting and walking her king charles spaniel. She has her first experience modeling nude and masturbating in front of an audience at X-Art. She was shy at first, then really got into it. She said it was empowering and made her feel alive to share herself with us. Thank you Diana, hope to see you again soon ;-)

Introducing Diana

Diana is another gorgeous ‘girl next door type’, who decided to try nude modeling just for X-Art. A soccer (football) player in high school, she is spending the year abroad during her first year in University. Some of her friends told her about X-Art, so she contacted us to see if we would hire her. She was pretty shy at first, but totally wanted the experience. This is her first time masturbating in front of anyone, she has not even pleasured herself in front of her boyfriend before. After she has an orgasm, she tells us it was the most sexually exhilarating experience of her life and she feels empowered! Diana strips, fingers and discovers her own ability to arouse herself as you watch, only on X-Art!