Model: Emilie

Her first time taking her clothes off for the camera, she is an absolute natural. The cameras, the crew and well just about everyone fell in love with this beauty. Smart, sweet and fun (what is she even doing in this business? Just kidding!) She loves sex and is very open about her sexuality. She wants to help couples enjoy each other more, like she and her boyfriend do! We love Emilie!

Emilie – Spoonful of Sugar

X Art Emilie - Spoonful of Sugar

For those lucky enough to have incredible sexual partners (wink), life is very good…and it is ALWAYS a good idea to spice things up in the bedroom (or living room..or kitchen..or..!)
In the case of real-life lovers Emilie and Dylan, that’s sharing their incredible chemistry with X-Art (and thank you for that!). Really, there are endless possibilities when it comes to sex…and maybe all you need is a spoonful of sugar to sweeten things up once in a while ;-)

Enjoy this sexy couple while you have some sexy fun of your own.

  • X Art Emilie - Spoonful of Sugar
  • Emilie For X-Art

    Emilie For X-Art

    Do you believe in love at first sight? How about lust at first sight?
    Whichever the case, Emilie is the mesmerizing object of affection. She’s a sexy spectacle that all of a sudden you can’t live without….mmm ya us too! Watch her take the dildo to her sweet pussy this time. This girl is special. Emilie for President!
    I mean X-Art :-)

  • Emilie For X-Art
  • Emilie – So Young

    Emilie - So Young

    So many of you have been waiting to see this gorgeous young girl in a boy-girl scene…well here she is!
    And Emilie’s as sexy and confident as ever! Just watch the way she sucks and fucks Dylan (then some 69 action, and to finish…a beautiful cumshot). You will be mesmerized by their appetite for sex and elegance in doing it.
    So young, yet sooooo good :-) Seconds please!

  • Emilie - So Young