Model: Faye

Faye Valentine aka Faye Reagan – Faye’s natural beauty is captivating. Her large, shapely breasts, flaming red hair and freckled face are enough to make most men (and many women) fall head over heels.She’s an adventurous, sexually liberated young women and a born performer. She is totally at ease in front of the camera.Faye actually loves to have sex with both guys and girls, which makes shooting her all the more exciting!

Faye & Leila – Awesome Threesome

In this awesome threesome, watch Leila and Faye take turns sucking and fucking Mr. X until he can’t take it anymore! Leila and Faye come into the room as Mr. X is sleeping. The girls are laughing and smiling as the fun begins. Leila moves in and gives Mr. X a passionate kiss, while Faye takes his cock in her mouth. Then Leila takes her turn, swallowing Mr. X’s cock while Faye licks Leila’s pussy. The excitement takes hold of Leila, and she climbs on top. Faye gently glides his cock into Leila’s eagerly awaiting pussy. Faye pulls him out and licks the girl-cum from his shaft. Mr. X finds the ultimate position the two girls on top of each other, with him entering from behind. He takes turns guiding his cock into one girl and thrusting, then pulling out and fucking the other girl. It’s a paradise of perfect pussy. Faye starts moaning in pleasure and Leila can’t wait any longer to cum she slams down all the way on his cock and starts grinding away. Finally Mr. X sprays his hot cum onto Leila’s ass and Faye’s pussy. The girls smile and share a sweet kiss. It’s a perfect afternoon of pleasure for all.

  • Faye – Prelude to an Orgy

    Red-haired beauty Faye got a little jealous (and horny) when she saw Leila and Mr. X having sex on the beach. “It’s my turn to get fucked,” she said in her soft, sweet-as-honey voice.  Faye sits down on the couch next to Mr. X. He grabs her and pulls her close, her dress slips off her shoulders, revealing her incredible breasts and puffy nipples. He kisses the tender white skin on her neck, his hands find their way to her breasts, and their lips draw closer.  He pulls her white panties to the side and she raises her legs high in the air, daring him to fuck her. With one hand, he spreads her pussy open and pushes his cock inside her. “Oh Fuck!” she said. Her eyes roll back in pleasure. When Faye was just about to cum, Leila came quietly into the room and sat down across from them. She was completely naked, and smiling. Leila started masturbating as Faye and Mr. X looked on. The excitement was too much. They all came – loud and hard…

  • Faye – Deep Desire

    There are MANY reasons to fall in love with Faye.
    Who can resist her long flowing red curls, her pale freckled skin, her pillow-like pink lips and her perfect heart-shaped ass?
    But perhaps the most entrancing thing about Faye is her arousing glance… she gazes directly into your eyes, stirring deep desire as she explores the intimate curves of her body.

  • Georgia & Faye – Best Friends Forever

    Faye and Georgia are BFF’s. They do everything together. Sometimes, when the boys aren’t around, they play make-believe.
    Georgia embraces her BFF, holding her close. She rests her head on Faye’s warm, inviting breast.
    Georgia strokes her hand along Faye’s bare leg, sending shivers all the way up the inside of her thigh.
    Faye’s eyes light up as Georgia takes out a giant dildo.
    Georgia pretends that it’s her cock, as Faye slowly licks her way up the shaft. As Faye gently rests the head on her soft, flickering tongue; she suddenly has a craving for the real thing. Looking up, she thinks of you.
    Georgia makes love to Faye’s gorgeous breasts, and then moves down to her pussy. Faye drips wet with anticipation. With her fingers, she spreads her lips apart, as Georgia plunges in.
    Faye shudders until she can no longer contain herself. She climbs on top of her friend and loses herself in the fantasy.

  • Georgia & Faye – Young Lovers

    Georgia finally has Faye alone. She puts her hands on the redhead’s soft, full breasts and gently rubs her finger tips across the surface of her best friend’s nipples.
    Georgia hugs Faye. She doesn’t want to let her go. They press their bodies together.
    Faye slides her hands down Georgia’s body until her face is level with her hips. She delicately licks Georgia’s thighs and slowly runs her hand through the opening in her friend’s silken legs.
    The two women stand face to face, their nipples just barely touching. They share a passionate kiss. Georgia embraces Faye from behind, running her fingers in circles over Faye’s nipples.
    Georgia coos as she kisses Faye’s neck. Succumbing to feeling and emotion, Faye touches herself.