Model: Gigi R

19 year old Gigi Rivera is a California girl from a big family. Besides that she’s super-cute with one of the nicest asses we’ve seen …She also has one of the best personalities of any model we’ve ever shot. She’s really bubbly and smiles all the time. She is also a great worker (some models get tired out pretty quickly) but she was energetic and happy to give us her all throughout the entire shoot. She was a cheerleader in high school and can do awesome splits and tricks too ;-)!

Gigi R – My Favorite Toy

Adorable 19 year-old Gigi wants to show you a few tricks with her favorite sex toy… a big black dildo! “I’ve always had a thing for big black cocks,” Gigi told us when she arrived at the loft for her photo session. When she pulled her favorite sex toy out of her model bag, we were still surprised to see the sheer size of it. Compared to her small frame, this thing was massive. “It’s firm on the inside, but nice and squishy outside, just like the real thing,” she said, squeezing it with her hand. She held the toy up to show how deep it goes when it’s all the way in. Gigi kneeled on the chair and hiked her legs as far apart as she could, to make it easier to get the big head of the dildo inside. She had to work it back and forth a few times to get the job done. Finally, the head of the dildo went in with a gentle pop. “Mmmm… Oh my gosh!” Gigi let out a big sigh as a smile spread across her face. “It fills me up all the way!” Gigi began slowly working the cock in and out, deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her pussy was so tight around the toy, that it literally grabbed hold when she drew it out. Amazing!

  • Gigi R & Hayden – Play Time

    Gigi and Hayden having fun, fingering, making out and fucking with a huge dildo at her boyfriend’s loft. The girls strip out of their matching lace panties and bras. Gigi starts teasing Hayden, kissing and fingering her. Gigi wants to share Hayden with her boyfriend but Hayden’s not going for it. So instead, Gigi brings out her huge purple dildo and works it into Hayden’s extremely tight pussy until Hayden relaxes and starts enjoying it. Both girls are so hot and eventually cum together, Gigi with her fingers and Hayden on the dildo. These seriously cute girls are relaxed, ready and waiting in bed for you to cum home…..
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