Model: Heidi

Heidi is a Dutch princess that is very new to erotica, but has an amazing apetite for sex and perfect body for the art. Her beautiful ivory skin, petite figure, perky breasts and long, tousled hair makes for one incredible muse. Her bubbly personality and gentle nature makes you adore her. I’m telling you, one look at this girl and you will fall in love. Welcome to X-Art Heidi! :-)

Angelica & Heidi – Fun For Three

X-Art Angelica & Heidi - Fun For Three

A couple like Angelica and Ben is pretty much a dream come true for a bisexual beauty like Heidi (or myself…hehe ;-)).
The perfection of Angelica and the sexual drive of Ben makes for a very enjoyable and super sexy time. Neither Angelica nor Ben could wait to feel Heidi’s tight body and taste her deliciously moist pussy. And I’m pretty sure Heidi didn’t hesitate in responding to the offer.
Get in on this fun for three (or four!). XO

  • X-Art Angelica & Heidi - Fun For Three
  • Heidi – My Days In Rome

    Welcome to the wonderfully erotic world of X-Art sweet Heidi!
    We’re so happy to have you join us (and Jake is VERY happy to have you join him)…in Rome! These two have incredible chemistry from the start, so as you can believe, the sex is phenomenal!
    I really can’t think of a better way to introduce Heidi to all things sexy and spectacular.
    Enjoy! XO

  • Susie, Angelica, Heidi – Group Sex

    When Angelica and Ben invited their three closest friends over for cocktails and “fun”, they probably had no idea just how enjoyable their evening would be.
    Where these beautiful people go, sexy times indeed follow. And this occasion is no exception! You will be desperate to join in on the fun — which involves a whole lot of sucking, fucking, and cumming altogether.
    Good luck lasting through this beautifully erotic masterpiece!
    You will need it ;-)