Model: Ivana

Ivana is a fun girl-next-door type with a really NAUGHTY streak! She is studying social services since she wants and loves to help people. But she also loves to help herself to multiple orgasms with men or women; whenever she has the chance. She is really smart and wears glasses for reading. Oh, and she likes dogs more than cats :-)

Caprice & Ivana – Casual Sex

In the early 80’s sex was still a good way to meet new people. ~ Stacy 1988
Caprice and Ivana are hanging out together and feeling a little sexually frustrated, so they decide to go to work on each and bring on some orgasms.Ivana wants to take it a little further so she invited over her friend Jacob to make love to her while Caprice watches and helps out.It is in fact some casual sex, but it is very HOT nonetheless.
P.S. Ivana’s model page is coming a little later. She is a 20 year old student from Czech republic. She is very horny and adventurous.