Model: Ivy

Ivy aka Eva Strauss is a slim and sweet girl-next door type. She is a part-time model, since during the day she works as a secretary. She has a huge wholesome smile that lights up her eyes when she laughs. When first meeting Ivy one would never know how naughty she really is!

Ivy – Hot Bath For Two

The seasons are changing and it’s time to sneak away and get cozy with your lover.
Ivy and Sebastian do just that…and after a day exploring the beautiful outdoors, they retreat back to their luxe hideaway for some relaxation. Maybe it’s being in the woods and away from the city, but these two were dying to get it on! So that they did, in a super HOT bath for two!

P.S. I’m pretty sure they went a few more rounds that evening (after the cameras stopped rolling). Maybe there’s room in their bath for three next time (or four?!) :-)

  • Ivy – Getting Ready For You

    Ivy and Sebastian sometimes like to shake up their sex life. And this is one of those evenings.
    Sebastian comes home and Ivy is just feeling really hot and naughty. First she starts by taking him in her mouth, then she fucks him and finally slides her tight ass onto his large cock.
    She really didn’t need very long to get ready and you probably won’t either after watching this…(anal warning)

  • Susie & Ivy – A Beautiful World

    Susie & Ivy - A Beautiful World

    Sharing is caring ;-)
    Ivy and Sebastian are totally in love, but that doesn’t mean that Ivy isn’t ok with giving a little present to her man every now and then.
    Today the offering is Susie, lucky guy!
    Watch as experienced lovers Ivy and Sebastian lead Susie in an erotic dance. It is as sensual and hot for Ivy as it is for Sebastian when he pushes his big cock in Susie’s tight and perfect pussy.
    Enjoy as the girls make out while Sebastian fucks Ivy’s friend.
    They all have awesome orgasms and a great time.
    It’s a beautiful world (especially with these three in it!)

  • Susie & Ivy - A Beautiful World
  • Ivy – Spur of the Moment

    You know sometimes those spontaneous moments of passion are the best! I remember one time Brig and I were cooking dinner like this and we uh, well you know…
    So imagine it happening to you. And watch Ivy and Sebastian demonstrate. They are a real couple, totally into each other and completely love showing themselves to you.
    Watch them start out making dinner and finish with dessert and umm beware this set contains some ‘back-door action’. So if you don’t like it, skip that part. But if you like it, love it!

  • Ivy – Soul Mates

    Soul Mate: “Your other half. The person who completes you. The person who makes you feel over and over again like you have butterflies”
    Ivy came to our recent shoot on Ibiza and she brought her real boyfriend and soul mate with her. She was so excited that she convinced her real-life lover to have sex on camera. I cant wait to see what you guys think about her with her real man versus the actors.
    Watch them show their skills orally and all of their favorite positions as a couple all in HD!
    A beautiful finish in her mouth, their favorite ;-)

  • Leila & Ivy – Side by SIde

    Have you ever imagined having sex with your partner next to another hot couple doing it at the same time? Imagine looking over and watching your friends get it on while you’re going at it – so hot! It’s like a real-life erotic movie made for you to enjoy (up close and personal). Well if you haven’t done this, you can keep imagining and/or plan it out. But to help you out, I’ll give you a few ideas with these photos and the hot HD video coming soon….
    Enjoy Ivy, Pablo, Leila and Mr. X as they enjoy each other side by side ;-)

  • Ivy – Wet Dream

    Have you ever imagined sneaking around underwater with goggles and catching a young couple getting it on in the pool or the ocean? Imagine watching him slide his huge cock inside her tight pussy while they think no one is watching. Well X-Art favorite model Ivy and her new crush Tyler meet in the pool and make a spalsh and we are all voyeurs. You can feel the heat from their bodies warming up the cool pool water. It was our first time shooting a sex scene in scuba gear and we think it came out pretty cool.
    This is a real Wet Dream! Watch for yourself and see what I mean ;-)

  • Ivy – This Side of Paradise

    ‘They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered. ‘
    ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald (September 24, 1896 ~ December 21, 1940) This Side of Paradise (1920)

    Ivy and Pablo meet again, this time in paradise.Watch them make passionate love and experience their ecstasy as he takes her completely.
    P.S. (F. Scott – I’m not) but we all aspire to be something more than we are, so please humor me with the quotes!

  • Ivy – Dare To Dream

    Petite brunette Ivy is a dream come true! We hope you enjoy this intimate photo-set of a truly beautiful girl. Watch her slip out of her clothes and relax. Indulge yourself as she stretches her lean body and shows you every inch. What would you do if you were alone with Ivy? One can only dare to dream!