Model: Jenna

One of the hottest girls we’ve ever shot! You won’t believe how much fire is packed into her tiny little frame. Gorgeous cat-shaped eyes, long dark curls and a gymnast!

Jenna, Tiffany Doll – A Naked Assault

What better way to quench your mid-summer thirst than by watching some lesbians getting sloppy wet and fucking each other’s pussy and ass?
With the help of a pink toy (and your attention), these two super-nymphomaniacs will explore all avenues of girl-on-girl pleasure. And if you’re familiar with either of these girls and their erotic style, you’ll have no doubt that they’ll deliver a cum-worthy show.
It’s a naked ASSault!

  • Jenna, Aubrey – A Threesome To Remember

    Cum along on a threesome adventure like never before! Our two exclusive and VERY sexy models (and roomates!) Aubrey and Jenna take on the mega-cock of Mr. Mick Blue. It’s all fun and games (and intensely hot orgasms) until somebody gets jizz in their eye– I’m kidding, but an explosive fireworks kind of ending made for a deliciously good time. This is definitely a threesome to remember…and weekend worthy, so we’re giving you the video before the photos this time.

  • Jenna, Lily Ivy, Piper Perri, Anny Aurora – Lick My Pussy Play With My Ass

    Two blondes, a brunette (Jenna), and a redhead walk into a bar. Jenna says to the bartender, “Give me four shots of your best tequila, but we’re not paying for them.” The bartender replies, “Oh Really? Why don’t you just shove it up your ass?” The four girls look at each other and giggle. “OK. We will”.
    Anyone who knows Jenna knows she has a super tight ass. The only way to fuck her ‘back there’ is to get her nice and warmed up with at least one hip-bucking orgasm.
    That’s exactly what Piper, Anny Aurora and gorgeous buxom Lily Ivy have in mind.
    Watch and enjoy as these four beauties take turns licking each other’s pussies, cumming like crazy, and playing with each other’s asses!

  • Jenna, Aubrey – My Submissive Little Pet

    Colette Jenna, Aubrey - My Submissive Little Pet

    We interviewed Aubrey about her sexual preferences, and she confided that she really doesn’t care for ‘soft romantic’ sex.
    She prefers rough sex, and she loves to be totally dominated by older men, as long as she knows she can trust her partner(s). We asked her what she would like to do for a scene. And with Aubrey and Brig’s direction on this Valentine’s Day, we bring you a young girl’s fantasy come to life.
    The movie to go with this stunning set is next. So cum in and join the site and the fun and let’s all tie each other up and celebrate a holiday that we really know nothing about (except that we’re supposed to have red roses and sex, oh and chocolate?).
    Looking forward to seeing you soon, my submissive little pet!

  • Colette Jenna, Aubrey - My Submissive Little Pet
  • Jenna, Aubrey – Midnight Passion

    Jenna, Aubrey - Midnight Passion

    As Americans come together to kick off the Super Bowl this evening, we’d like you to cum together with these two HOT and horny models.
    The night is young and the passion is real, so why not take a load off (literally) before or after the festivities. Aubrey and Jenna are exclusive to X-Art and ready to go the distance with your cock in both of their wet, tight pussies and mouths.
    You’ll definitely be shouting “Touchdown!” in no time.

  • Jenna, Aubrey - Midnight Passion
  • Jenna – The Secretary

    Wish you had a secretary like Jenna to flirt with and fantasize about during your work day?
    And if you’re REALLY lucky, she’ll whisper in your ear that her pussy has been dripping all week just thinking about you too. She’ll show you exactly how horny she is by deep-throating your cock, then sticking her ass in the air for you to have at her tight pussy.
    This is a fuck fest definitely worth the sexual tension.

  • Jenna – Dripping Desires

    X Art Jenna - Dripping Desires

    The flirting and frolicking of an afternoon at the winery continues into the evening with Jenna and Tyler.
    The vino seems to have gotten these two hot and horny because as soon as they make it to the bedroom, it’s all over (meaning the fun has just begun). The heat between these two is intense, which makes for some super HOT sucking and fucking…and squirting!
    Cum see what I mean. It’s quite impressive!

  • X Art Jenna - Dripping Desires
  • Jenna, Aliyah – Cat Fight

    X Art Jenna, Aliyah - Cat Fight

    If cat fights and parties of three turn you on (or at least spark your curiosity), then get ready for this SUPER HOT scene with Jenna, new babe Aliyah, and Brett.
    These girls are horny and willing to fight for Brett’s attention and rock hard cock. They might not play gently, but they seem to have mastered the formula for incredible group sex!
    Want to see what I mean?
    Get ready for a cat fight! (Scratching, slapping and hair pulling all possible ;-))

  • X Art Jenna, Aliyah - Cat Fight
  • Jenna – Sexy And Wild

    X Art Jenna - Sexy And Wild

    If you have not yet combined oral skills with gymnastics, it’s about time.
    Let Jenna show us how to receive some and give some, as she and Jake get all limber in the Brazilian heat… I know I would like to try… So how about a headstand to start off with?
    It can only get sexier and wilder with these two…. ;-)

  • X Art Jenna - Sexy And Wild
  • Jenna – Elevated Erotica

    X Art Jenna - Elevated Erotica

    Ready for another Brazilian rendezvous?
    This time our American beauty Jenna has her first fling with our European stud Jake. We know you’ve all been waiting for these two to finally get together – well the time has come! (and it is HOT as hell!) Step inside and be elevated to sexual heights you’ll rarely experience.
    This Sao Paulo highrise was flooded with incredible sexual energy and gorgeous light.
    I’m pretty sure you will like the view ;-)

  • X Art Jenna - Elevated Erotica