Model: Jessica

A stunning fashion model takes it all off for X-Art. Thank you God! How do we get so lucky? Well you are all lucky to see this raven-haired beauty having her first lesbian sex and maybe even inviting her boyfriend in (we will see). A beautiful, smart amazing person; Jessica has it all. Is she even real?

Jessica – A Beautiful Place

“What a piece of work is woman… in action how like an angel… the beauty of the world….” – William Shakespeare.
OK, so I am paraphrasing The Bard. Sometimes, a photographer just has to let his lens and a stunning model express themselves. Jessica is a sublimely beautiful and effortlessly sexual young woman. Watch as she slips into something more comfortable (her naked body) and glories in being the young woman that she is.
Her eyes. Her lips. Her flat stomach and the curve of her beautiful back. The perky breasts. Those legs. Her firm, sexy as hell ass. The lips of her flowering pussy.
Will she touch herself? Will she have an orgasm? Sometimes it doesn’t matter.
We just want to watch.

  • Jessica – Dressed to Kill

    Jessica is formulating a dark erotic fantasy in the back of her mind. Seeing her seated a sleek silver luxury coupe exudes ‘sex with class’. The car’s smooth lines and Jessica’s slender body fit like a glove. Jessica’s mind floats off to a wicked place as she opens her dress and let’s her hands wander.
    Her hard nipples, those killer legs and her wet pussy are something to behold. Jessica begins fingering her clit and finger fucking herself in a sexual reverie all her own. She imagines the warm blood pumping through her lovers’ veins – and his raging hard cock.
    She’s a Black Widow, waiting for the right moment …

  • Jessica – Work It Sex At The Office

    If you were at the office, what would you prefer to find on your desk? A stack of papers and memos? Or the incredibly beautiful, sexually irresistible Jessica? The girl with the absolutely flawless body and that unforgettable face shows you how to fuck your boss with style.
    In real life, Jessica and Calvin love to fuck whenever and wherever they can. And they jumped at the chance to recreate the “boss and secretary” sex scene for you – X-Art style. Jessica’s pussy was wet in anticipation, and I know that her cock sucking skills left everybody on the set gasping. Jessica clearly loves “working under” Calvin – and on top as well.
    Her orgasms are real and hard, and this couple’s passion when his cock entered her from behind and then missionary style on the desk left no doubt what was to cum.
    I plan to watch this scene over and over! Want to join me?

  • Jessica – Black Widow

    Come Celebrate Black Friday with us and enjoy this suspenseful X-Art erotic thriller ~ Black Widow.
    Red roses and a bottle of wine serve as a prelude to a passionate lovemaking session featuring gorgeous brunette Jessica and her well-hung stallion, Calvin. After an amazing blowjob, Calvin pushes his bulging cock into her aching wet pussy.
    You can see the juices flowing as she takes him all the way. We don’t want to spoil it… but there’s a surprising conclusion!

  • Jessica & Summer – In The Mirror

    Jessica and Summer have been lusting for one another since they danced ballet together years ago.
    Finally their fantasies cum true as they lick and finger fuck one another into oblivion. This lesbian sex is beautiful and passionate – some of the best yet!
    And the orgasms are real and intense…just so damn HOT.
    Cum see what I mean, the girls won’t mind a third hot body in the room.

  • Jessica – Fucking Ballerinas

    X Art Jessica- Fucking Ballerinas

    Jessica and her man are taking a stay-cation (so basically they’re staying in bed and fucking each other’s brains out all weekend). These dancers reminisce over romantic trips past and enjoying one another’s incredible bodies.
    Think you’d like to bury yourself deep inside a girl like her?
    Who wouldn’t?
    She’s a fucking ballerina!

  • X Art Jessica- Fucking Ballerinas
  • Jessica – Sex Retreat

    X Art Jessica - Sex Retreat

    It’s time for a little R&R for this fashion model, who’s inviting you to help her work out life’s stresses via HOT sex at her favorite desert resort.
    So we are off to Palm Springs with one of the hottest couples on the planet! What makes it so hot you ask? Her perfect lips (both pairs) watching this ballerina wrap herself her boyfriend’s throbbing cock, her flexibility and “fuck me forever” attitude, and lastly…well it’s her secret.
    Cum let loose, it’s time for a sex retreat.

  • X Art Jessica - Sex Retreat
  • Eufrat & Jessica – Lonesome Without You

    Eufrat and Jessica are two of the most beautiful and enchanting women you will ever meet (or virtually meet ;-))
    Aside from their sexual adeptness and mystery that will draw you in, these girls have so much chemistry with one another that you will be dying to join them on the LOVE seat. Enjoy their beautiful bodies and wet pussies…and the incredible and very real orgasms!
    They will be lonesome without you :-)

  • Jessica – Making Music

    Jessica was brand new to erotic photo shoots when she decided to pose for us.
    This raven-haired young beauty – already an accomplished dancer and fashion model – soon decided that fucking her boyfriend, Calvin, before our expert cinematographers was even more fun. Watch as Jessica pulls down her tight, short jeans, revealing her perfectly toned butt and the graceful way she raises one leg as her guy begins to lick her ass and finger her young, 20-year-old pussy.
    Cum inside to see more!

  • Jessica – Model Couple on Vacation

    Jessica - Model Couple on Vacation

    See this model couple enjoy one another on a relaxing weekend getaway.
    This time it starts with Calvin tempting Jessica, which proved just what she needed to get her in the mood…sexy heels on and all. Obsess over her incredible flexibility as she takes on a very pleasurable position herself ;-)
    Then join this hot couple in more orgasmic vacation bliss!

  • Jessica - Model Couple on Vacation