Model: Kendall

A beautiful blonde from the great US of A! Again I repeat myself, but this girl is also a dream to work with. She has the best attitude, a huge smile and loves sex! Big beeautiful brown eyes, framed by gorgoues blonde hair and a tiny body. Get ready to fall in love yet again.

Kendall – Love at First Sight

Kendall - Love at First Sight

You know the feeling when your desires are so strong, then finally you’re both able to give in to the mutual craving and enjoy all of the lustfulness of the moment?? We need to find a way to bottle that feeling (okay, I’d love to ride unicorns over rainbows too ;-)).
Until then, enjoy Kendall and Tyler and their love (for having sex with each other) at first sight…xx

  • Kendall - Love at First Sight
  • Scarlet & Kendall – So Right Its Wrong

    Kendall and Scarlet do an awesome striptease outside James bedroom window.
    Of course he lets them in, how could he not? And then of course he fucks them silly and they all cum like crazy! This is “so right!” How could it be wrong? You can’t miss this one, worth the membership alone!!!
    P.S. Don’t you just love girls in baseball shirts!?!