Model: Kim

You will fall in love with this cute little blonde babe! She was so fun to work with and is always sporting a smirk or smile :-) Girls just want to have fun…especially this one! Enjoy her beautiful and inviting eyes and bangin body (just to start!) Welcome to X-Art sweet Kim!

Kim – Big Cock Tiny Pussy

Kim met a hot guy with a huge cock last night. They danced, but quickly took the party home to her apartment. They had a sweaty and intense evening (let’s leave it at: it barely fit and she liked it.) So of course the first thing she does the next morning is jump on for a ride! There is no guarantee of a future. Just this morning. And you won’t want to miss watching it, I mean look at her face!

  • Kim, Anita – Threeway Strip Poker

    Everyone knows the classic game of strip poker and when you have two hot girls playing, how can you resist not joining in? Well fortunately for Kai, Kim and Anita took notice of each other when their clothes started to come off. They couldn’t resist taking the game to the next level and caress each other’s puffy nipples and pink little pussies. In all his surprise, Kai was happy to pleasure both girls to complete satisfaction. Both girls get super wet and cum over and over until they share the ultimate ending together.
    This is truly the hottest game of strip poker!

  • An Afternoon Inside Kim

    Some of the most smoldering, sexual shoots for X-Art feature gorgeous European blondes. This time one of the stunning blondes is a brunette!
    And she has returned to get you HOT all over again! Fashion models get told what to do and wear. At X-Art they can change their minds and hair color whenever they want. Be it hair color or her desire to be with a man or a girl; right now, Kim knows what she wants. And her combination of charm, humor and an uninhibited search for great sex makes this girl the total package. Yes, she is beautiful and alluring.
    Personally, I think it is Kim’s training as a ballet dancer that makes her even more irresistibly special in bed.
    And trust me: Kim’s orgasms are the real deal! I know.

  • Kim – Fuck Me More

    What would you do if your dream girl asked you to fuck her?
    Or even better…TOLD you to fuck her. Maybe stutter, then spit out “God YES!”…or here’s an idea…why don’t you watch a little more X-Art and work on your sex skills? Then the issue will not be whether your dream girl asks you fuck her, it will be how much she begs you to fuck her MORE!
    Here’s what you do first: join the erotic revolution.
    Second: watch Kim and Jake show you how it’s done.
    Lastly: Lather, rinse and repeat ;-)

  • Kim – Do Me Darling

    Step into a sexy century where a pretty little blonde darling and her handsome gentleman explore their sexual chemistry.
    Imagine this babe giving you a “come hither” look, then inviting you to join her on the bed. You KNOW a good time is about to be had. Watch her put her man’s cock in her delicate mouth and pussy. You just might love it as much as they both did.
    Cum on…do me darling.

  • The Red Fox, Kim – Double Oh Heaven

    X Art The Red Fox, Kim - Double Oh Heaven

    Secret agents Kim and The Red Fox embark on a covert mission to capture and seduce the James Bond of erotica, also known to X-Art fans as Jake. Their plan starts out with some diversion tactics but quickly falls apart as these erotically-inclined agents become extremely wet and horny. Before they know it, these babes are naked and in a very pleasurable sex tangle.
    This set is mysterious and HOT.
    Get ready for “Double Oh Heaven.”

  • X Art The Red Fox, Kim - Double Oh Heaven
  • Carrie & Kim – Coming Late

    Beware loved X-Art members: Our newest model Kim is about to win your heart…and your boner! (or girl-boner ;-))
    From the start, she will flirt her clothes off, Then, she shows Jake just HOW good she is by dedicating a good bit of time to sucking and loving his big, hard cock. By the time she gets on top of him, she’s as wet as the day is long…and although you will have enjoyed staring at her beautiful face and perfect ass during the blowjob, you will even further enjoy the skillful reverse-cowgirl sex.

    Watching her perky breasts bounce as she moves is incredible. These two move to missionary, which is equally as hot…then…guess who’s coming late to join them? It’s Carrie!
    The three of them together are orgasmically amazing! Cum with them now!