Model: Lana

Sexy little Lana aka Mia Hilton is a skinny blond with big, bright blue eyes and full, kissable lips. During our photo-shoot she kept flashing a big smile and then getting into the naughtiest poses she could think of. I had to ask her to tone it down a bit. She brought a bright blue vibrator with her and was honestly relieved when we finally let her use it. She just loves getting herself off for the camera… and for YOU!

Lana – Sexy Flexy

Lana loves to play with herself. It’s her little secret.
Whatever the occasion, Lana’s fingers always seem to find their way back home to that warm, wet, place between her legs. That’s her answer to everything.
She alternates between one hand and two, gently rubbing against her fingers.
Lying back on the bed, Lana kicks her ankles back over her shoulders so that she can see her own pussy hovering above her head. She pulls her long flexible legs all the way back, so that her knees are touching the sides of her head.
She loses herself in the moment, bucking and grinding against her hand. Lana looks up at you, with a sudden burst of naughty inspiration.