Model: Lucy Doll

“I don’t do it for the money,” Lucy Doll tells us. “I do it for the dick.” How refreshing to find a model who loves to fuck and doesn’t mind saying it! This is not to say that Lucy is not very discriminating; she is a true connoisseur of only the biggest, most pulsating cocks. But when Lucy gets turned on and is loving her partner, her orgasms are awesome. She was born for She gets off knowing that you are watching and enjoying (almost) the sex as much as she is. You have to love a beautiful young woman who is uninhibited sexually and is proud of her body!

Lucy Doll, Gina Valentina, Tiffany Watson – Twisted

Colette Lucy Doll, Gina Valentina, Tiffany Watson - Twisted

Everybody has played a game of Twister at one time or another. However, you really haven’t tried this party favorite unless you have done it with Tiffany Watson, Gina Valentina and Lucy Doll.
Naturally, these new Colette Girls decided that they could twist and turn their lovely bodies in the best way possible if they got naked. And in those positions, kissing and pussy licking is inevitable. Who could resist this adorable threesome? Even better, the girls’ Twister male host came equipped with his own hard cock. Blonde Tiffany and brunettes Gina and Lucy are strong believers in fair and even-handed gamesmanship.
They had no choice but to take turns fucking his brains out!
Who won this suddenly orgasmic play? You decide.

  • Colette Lucy Doll, Gina Valentina, Tiffany Watson - Twisted