Model: Lyra

Lyra Louvel is a true California Girl with knockout good looks. With her hazel eyes and flirtatious smile, it is easy to mistake this former cheerleader and fashion model for the girl next door. She is much more than that! Lyra happily embraces her erotic fantasies just for you, and she never settles for one orgasm. Lyra loves to fuck the right guy or girl, and she enjoys threesomes and foursomes almost anytime. Does she like kinky sex? Stay tuned. Let’s just say that we love Lyra!

Lyra – Loving It Hard And Deep

It is exciting to welcome this true California Girl with knockout good looks to X-Art.
Lyra Louvel makes both men and women turn their heads, and that is before she gets naked! Yes, this slender blonde has those hazel eyes and a flirtatious smile. But don’t be fooled.
Lyra enthusiastically embraces her erotic fantasies, loves sexual role play and never settles for just one orgasm.

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  • Lyra – In The Garden Of Ecstasy

    It’s a beautiful day to make love to a beautiful woman! She strolls playfully through a lush garden. She smiles in adoration of you, then gets playful, climbing up a tree like we used to do when we were kids. Her happiness is a great turn on. Her luminous face leads down to the soft but strong lines of her neck. She moves in, you feel the pull to come even closer. You can feel her warm breath as you’re just inches away from that first kiss.

    Passion takes over, as you kiss her, her legs fall open – inviting you even further. It’s going to be a very good day for you – here In The Garden of Ecstasy!

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