Model: Mary

Mary & Anneli – Afternoon Picnic

Mary and Anneli are two of the hottest blondes in the world.
Watch what happens when they get together in the woods for a private “picnic”. They are both single at the moment and hot for an orgasm. So after they enjoy their lunch, let’s just say they enjoy dessert too ;-)
Very sweet, very hot and very beautiful.
Makes me want to have a picnic, how about you?

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Mary – Sunday Afternoon Solo

Mary ~ alone, naked in the woods masturbating. Waiting for you.
Those eyes, that body, that perfect pussy!
What more can I say….
A HOT HD Video ;-)

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Mary & Ariel – Perfect Together

Mary has been featured on X-Art a few times with her longtime boyfriend and we all loved them together. The news is that Mary is recently single. When she was with her guy, she would only participate in videos with him (not other men or women). Now that she is on her own she is trying out some lesbian action and really enjoying it. According to Mary, she is looking for a new guy and she may or may not make videos with him. She said she’ll know when she meets him if it would be a good idea.
In this set watch Ariel expertly bring Mary to orgasm with her fingers and mouth, see them make-out passionately and really get into it! For now we will just have to enjoy Mary with Ariel and other girls as she keeps looking for her perfect man. Anyone want to volunteer? ;-)

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Mary – White Hot

Gorgeous Mary strips and shows you her beautiful large breasts and puffy pussy. Enjoy every inch of her as she flirts with our cameras. BTW, she has recently broken up with her longtime boyfriend (the one she was with in ‘Show You My Love’) and is now in the market for a new guy who will agree to make videos with her.

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Mary – Show You My Love

Mary wants to show you her skills in the bedroom….
Mary strips out of her lace bra and panties, letting her plump breasts hang free. She slowly takes his cock in her mouth. She gives an extraordinary performance, swallowing it all the way to the base, which turns her on and makes her really wet. When she’s dripping and ready, she climbs on top and rides him until she’s satisfied. While she’s still writhing with pleasure, he fucks her hard from the side, on-top and behind, she moans and cries out, showing him how much she’s enjoying the action. He slows the motion down until he can’t take anymore and literally explodes inside and outside her pussy. Shaking with ecstasy, he pushes his cum-covered cock slowly back into her swollen pussy, savoring the last moments of his mind-blowing orgasm.

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