Model: Mia

Mia Lina is enchanting. A former ballerina, she exudes grace. She showed up at our studio just as she was starting out in nude modeling. Mia loves sex and isn’t shy to talk about it. She has long muscular legs and beautiful smooth skin. Her deep soulful eyes are absolutely mesmerizing and her full lips are pure perfection!

Mia & Francesca – First Kiss

Francesca and Mia are always fun to spend time with and they love being in front of the camera. Today, they wanted to try their first kiss.
Tall, slender blond Francesca cradled Mia’s tiny waist and held her trembling hand. Mia was shy. Every time Fran moved closer, Mia let out a nervous giggle.
The girls switched positions on the couch. Mia stretched out and Francesca got behind her. Francesca gently ran her fingertips across Mia’s hip, sending a shiver up her spine.
Finally the girls moved in close and pressed their young bodies together…

  • Inside Mia

    Completely nude and lying on her back, Mia grinned, her huge brown eyes shining, as the camera hovered over her.
    She spread her legs out, stretching herself over a soft white cushion. Reaching into her purse, she took out one of her favorite toys – a silver vibrator.
    Mia slowly worked the buzzing tip inside herself, savoring the sensation. She flashed a sweet smile and her body shuddered as the lens captured this beautiful, fleeting moment.