Model: Milla

With her beautiful facial features, those perfect 34D cup tits, and an ass that would stop traffic, Milla is destined to be a super star. Her playfulness and positive outlook on life and love makes this Ukrainian girl a joy on the set. Trust me, Mila loves to tease. It doesn’t hurt that brown-eyed Milla is completely comfortable getting naked and is a very sensual, intelligent woman. She loves to play with her clit and to finger-fuck herself to earth-shaking orgasms. “It is true,” Milla says. “I do masturbate every day. Unless,” she adds with that beguiling smile, “I get a better offer. Would X-Art subscribers like to see that?” Some questions answer themselves!

Introducing Milla

Milla has such a beautiful face that the photographer (and everyone else) instantly is enchanted.
She is a European girl with a great sense of humor and a body to die for. Yes, those gorgeous 35D cup tits are real. So is her slim, well-proportioned body and that firm, oh-so-inviting ass. When she begins to spread her pussy and arouse herself in the shower, all bets are off. Milla is so desirable that it makes you ache. Yes, this is her first shoot with X-Art.
She is so fucking hot that you can’t wait to see more of her, right?
Maybe we can do something about that.

  • Milla – Teenage Vampire

    Milla stretches her body across the floor, beautiful beyond what I thought was earthly possible.
    She lies on her back, captured and hungry. Her hands are bound in cuffs.
    Milla tries to break through her chains with her sharp, pointed fangs, but she can’t. She’s too weak because she hasn’t fed.