Model: Milla

Milla is like a girl right out of a fairy tale (think Rapunzel). She has the most gorgeous, long flowing hair that reaches all the way down to her perfect curvy ass! She’s a university student who enjoys nude modeling on the side. When she’s not posing for the camera, she is busy completing her degree in economics in the Czech Republic. Milla is an all around beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving girl…. Watch out! You just may want to marry her!

Milla – Teenage Vampire

Milla stretches her body across the floor, beautiful beyond what I thought was earthly possible.
She lies on her back, captured and hungry. Her hands are bound in cuffs.
Milla tries to break through her chains with her sharp, pointed fangs, but she can’t. She’s too weak because she hasn’t fed.

  • Milla