Model: Molly Mae

Molly Mae has big blue eyes and high cheekbones that make fashion model photographers gasp. Then one notices that she has fabulous tits and a body sent from heaven. That takes about two seconds. Soft spoken and classy, mid-westerner Molly really enjoyed her first shoot. “Yes, I think that sex is an essential and healthy part of life,” she says with a sly smile, “In my case, a big part! When I realize that I may give your subscribers orgasms as they watch me having a lot of fun, well, it makes me really happy.” It is our good luck to please, Molly.

Molly Mae, Zaya Cassidy – Swim and Sex

Cute Zaya has a free-spirited, girlish quality about her.
When she chooses, she is also one hot Latina who relishes bisexual threesomes when her partners are up to her standards. Enter blonde, blue-eyed and voluptuous Molly Mae. (And wouldn’t you love to enter each of these new Colette Girls? Hee, hee.) Add one muscular biker man and get ready for some fabulous orgasms.
In the pool or out, Zaya and Molly have dripping wet pussies and cannot wait to have them filled up hard and deep.
Notice the big smiles all around as these fabulous ladies kiss, suck and fuck in the golden sunlit afternoon.