Model: Nastia

Nastia is another gorgeous Russian girl. She flew in to work with us in Prague for just one day. She only models part time and attends University full time. She is very smart and wants to come to the USA to study next year. She loves animals, cooking and reading.

Get Nasty with Nastia

Nastia is a very common Eastern European name but when we hear it in USA we think of a nasty girl. Nastia is not nasty, just extremely gorgeous and sexy and she knows it. This morning she was making breakfast, caught a glance of herself in the fridge and got so turned on that she came like crazy all over the counter. The whole time she was imagining what she would do if YOU were in the kitchen with her. Naughty little minx that Nastia!

  • Grace, Linsay, Nastia – Russian Invasion

    It’s a Russian invasion at X-Art! Why are girls from Russia so unbelievably hot?!? It obviously has something to do with genetics of some sort, but I’m not sure that even the most brilliant scientist could pinpoint it….
    Regardless, appreciate these Russian beauties – flown in like fine caviar for your enjoyment.