Model: Sammy

Meet our newest blonde beauty Sammy! This American teen is adorable, flirtatious and super playful…and excited to join us and experience all that is good in the world of X-Art! There’s so much Sammy sexiness ahead, so stay tuned…

Sammy – Highrise Rendezvous

X Art Sammy - Highrise Rendezvous

Guess what we have for you tonight?
A little Sammy/Jake action in a chic highrise Sao Paulo apartment…that’s what :-) These two had great chemistry from the start (and there’s definitely magic in the Brazil air!) See Sammy in her sexy glasses…and then see her slip out of her lacy blue lingerie and get bent over the office chair by Jake.
Admire her porcelain skin and long legs in some impressive sex positions.
It’s a highrise rendezvous!

  • X Art Sammy - Highrise Rendezvous
  • Ashley S & Sammy – They Seem So Sweet

    What do you get when you mix a ravishing redhead with a beautiful blonde?

    A whole lot of sexy! So then what do you get when these babes start touching and licking each other’s naked bodies? Definitely hot and wet (for girls like me) or hard (for fellas like many of you)…or let’s just say HORNY for all sexual beings :-) These girls know how to get freaky, and literally could have gone for hours if we would’ve let them. They will blow your mind, so get ready.
    They only seem so sweet…

  • Kaylee, Jenna, Sammy – Brazilian Love Affair

    During Jake and Sammy’s sexy little trip to Brazil, they decide to extend their date one evening by ordering a little room service. And when I say room service, I mean two hot babes in sexy lacy lingerie arriving at your door, stripping, then making each other cum…right in front of you. This little show is just what the couple needs to heat things up and get them in the mood.

    Then more fun begins when Sammy tells Jake “I hope you enjoyed the show….now is it my turn?” as she’s dying to get his cock in her mouth and pussy. Jake is also blown away by the heat in the room, and responds accordingly ;-) (there’s plenty of orgasms to prove it!).

    It’s a Brazilian love affair!

  • Ashley S & Sammy – Go Fish

    Do you have an ace? Maybe a 10? When referring to the three of these sexy things, I’d say yes and yes! Watch their game of cards move from teasing to pleasing in a matter of seconds. Sammy and Ashley have incredible blow job talent, as you will see…AND an affinity for group love (yes please!) I can’t think of a better way to welcome Sammy to X-Art than to have some threesome fun :-)
    These babes are soooo hot! Cum get some beautiful erotica…or go fish!

  • Ashley S & Sammy – Surprise, Surprise

    An extra surprise for everyone today!
    I couldn’t help but share how HOT these two beauties are together ,and with Seth. Watch as they blindfold him, hold him down and have their way with him. The sucking, fucking and cumming is abundant and real. I think Seth could barely handel the voracity of these two amazingiy sexual woman!
    Man or woman: who wouldn’t like to wake from a nap to this surprise?

  • Ashley S & Sammy - Surprise, Surprise
  • Sammy – Sex With Glasses

    Sammy - Sex With Glasses

    Welcome to X-Art Sammy!
    This sweet girl is off to an excellent start in her erotica career, and what better way to kick things off than to get it on (and then get off ;-) with sexy James Deen? And just for fun, see her here in some cute glasses, ready to study the art of sex!
    Enjoy the first of many with this blonde babe.

  • Sammy - Sex With Glasses