Model: Sara Luvv

You will most definitely fall in love with Sara Luvv – just wait until this petite little firecracker crawls on top of you then slides down between your legs, all while looking up at you with her gorgeous brown eyes and flirty smile. She’s young, hot and ready to show you what she’s got!

Sara Luvv – Luvv Me Tender

X-Art Girl Sarah Luuv has a strong appetite, but she also is in the mood for some tenderness. Tyler takes the time to caress Sarah’s naked body, nibble on her ear and kiss her gently. When he comes down on her, she loves that he licks her pussy slowly and lets her first orgasm gradually build to a strong climax.
Who wouldn’t love to tug at Sarah’s full lips and taste her clit as she cums?

  • Sara Luvv – Infinite Luvv

    Who wouldn’t “luvv” to make love to our newest X-Art model forever? Sara Luvv has the sound – and the beauty – of the kind of girl that is perfect for X-Art.
    Stunning, playful, and a young woman who loves to fuck for your viewing pleasure! Not to mention her partner in this devilishly erotic debut shoot. Not every fashion model can have real, hard orgasms in her first time before our cameras. Sara can! She loves every moment – and Sara is a pleasure on and off the set.
    Raise your hand (if one is free!) as you watch her do Michael Vegas.
    Want to see more of her? Hee hee.
    I hear the voting returns already cumming.

  • Sara Luvv, Joseline, Cali Sparks – Three On One A Fucking Perfect Equation

    What do I love most about sex? Near the top is spontaneity. Go with the moment.
    Take this shoot, for example. Michael may be no stranger to fucking extremely beautiful women – someone has to do it! – but he was especially eager to get naked with two of our newest Colette teens, Joseline and Cali.
    The crew and I were about ready – and who shows up on the set? Another erotic beauty – Sara Luvv. And Sara was not about to be a bystander! So everything changed just like that – and Joseline, Cali and Sara soon were caressing each other and taking turns fucking lucky Michael’s brains out! (He didn’t mind.)
    And here’s a secret: one of the girls couldn’t resist demonstrating her ass.
    Can you guess who?

  • Sara Luvv – A Fucking Picnic

    So who wants to capture the last few days of Summer outside and fucking Sara’s light litttle gymnast’s body? Ok, don’t all jump to answer at once. Who would iike to have this be your cock about to go into her ever so cute and ever so skilled at deep-throating smiling mouth???
    Yes, yes I hear you. Well this is just a little taste of what’s to cum when you get to have a “fucking picnic” with X-Art cutie Sara.
    Reverse cowgirl anyone?
    She loves it when you look at her tight ass. I bet the only thing you will have an appetite for is HER.
    Have fun, pack light.