Model: Sasha D

18 year old Sasha is a university student and part-time fashion model who lives in Moscow. Her pale porcelain-like skin, ice blue eyes, and lithe ballerina’s body make her an absolute pleasure to behold. Enjoy Sasha’s first nude photo shoot, only on X-Art!

Sasha D – Between the Sheets

She slipped out of a pair of tight blue jeans and jumped onto the bed. All she wore was a sheer top, a pair of see-thru lacy pink panties and some really cute socks. Sasha beamed a big smile as she undressed, gradually revealing every inch of her gorgeous body. Sasha got a little frisky …
Her nimble fingers started to wander inside her panties, eventually pushing all the way inside her tight pink folds. Her eyes closed peacefully as she touched herself… wave after wave of pleasure came over her.

  • Sasha D – Soft As Velvet

    Sasha stretches out before you on a soft velour couch, strumming her jutting hips with her fingertips. Her auburn hair is long & flowing and her skin – especially down there – is soft as velvet. Sasha slowly turns over onto her stomach, and raises her ass up in the air… teasing you. She loves to show off; pointing her toes and opening her legs, all the while looking you straight in the eye. Enjoy!

  • Sasha D – Russian Princess

    Sasha poses nude for the very first time. But she isn’t shy about her body – in fact she loves showing off for the camera! She stretches her arms overhead, then runs her hands down her firm, flat stomach. She brushes her fingertips along the soft skin of her inner thigh, finally finding that special spot…
    Enjoy this incredible photo series of our Russian Princess!