Model: Sasha Rose

So it’s not a joke. We know eastern european girls can be the most beautiful and sexual in the world. But it’s very forbidden to make their sexuality known. Maybe that’s why Sasha is so Hot! Imagine her perfect body, her exquisite features and a look that could not be matched in your wildest dreams. But so you know the real Sasha; she is an animal lover. She just started horse-riding lessons, paints and reads when she’s not modeling. If her country weren’t so poor she might be a student at Columbia in NYC she’s that smart. For now she’s looking for an American sponsor to help her follow her dreams. But in the meantime she will keep showing you what makes you smile and more until then…

Alina H, Sasha Rose – Hot Euro Brunettes

X-Art Alina H, Sasha Rose - Hot Euro Brunettes

Black lingerie, white lingerie take your pick. Sasha is tied up like a present. So first you’ll have to untie the big orange bow. Like on a new car only better. After that the girls will slowly remove the delicate lace from their perfect bodies. This obviously turns them on (I mean who wouldn’t be).

Their breathing gets heavier and the action picks up until each girl comes to her own explicit, shuddering climax. Now all they need is you. They know you are watching. They told me.

  • X-Art Alina H, Sasha Rose - Hot Euro Brunettes