Model: Sasha

Sasha Grey is one of the few pornstars we’ve ever shot. She’s become something of a legend, in part because of her successful crossover appearances in music videos, fashion advertising campaigns and major motion pictures. She’s a natural performer who can easily transform herself on film from a naughty nubile to fierce vixen faster than the shutter can click. No matter what role she’s playing, one thing is certain about Sasha Grey… she is HOT!

Sasha – School Slut

Sasha Grey loves to roleplay. In those pics she’s dressed up as a drop-dead sexy co-ed. Just back from cheerleading practice, Sasha spins in her plaid skirt, her long luscious legs covered up to her inner thighs in smooth silky, white stockings.
Still sweaty and hot from practice, Sasha slowly untwists the knot on her shirt, enjoying the feeling of the sudden cold on her hard, sensitive, nipples.
Sasha discovers a surprise, given to her by the team as a tribute to her school spirit. Through a hole in the wall, Sasha grasps her trophy: a long, lifelike silicone dildo. She rubs it against her lips through the thin cotton of her panties.
Pushing her toes together Sasha clamps down on the cock with her feet. She jerks it off, relishing the smooth feel against her soft soles. Sasha grabs the dildo in her fist, pumping it in front of her mouth.

  • Simply Sasha

    It’s easy to love the legendary Sasha Grey! She’s a performance artist-extraordinaire, who combines raw sex appeal and talent.
    These photos show-off Sasha’s wide range of  irresistible expressions, transforming in a few frames from vulgar vixen to demure co-ed.
    Her perfectly formed bubble butt just asks for attention, as her round, firm breasts jut upward – nipples pointed to the sky.
    Be careful… Sasha will seduce you!