Model: Scarlet

Scarlet – Raw Passion

X Art Scarlet - Raw Passion

Sometimes it just is: Raw Passion. That is what happened here with Scarlet and Mr. X.
This scene was sorching hot. Honestly this girl is amazing, she loves sex and is just so intense. Watch them make love from multiple positions until they BOTH have AWESOME orgasms. Shot by our amazing director of “Burning”.
Don’t miss this raw passion, it will make you hungry!

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Scarlet & Kendall – So Right Its Wrong

Kendall and Scarlet do an awesome striptease outside James bedroom window.
Of course he lets them in, how could he not? And then of course he fucks them silly and they all cum like crazy! This is “so right!” How could it be wrong? You can’t miss this one, worth the membership alone!!!
P.S. Don’t you just love girls in baseball shirts!?!

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Scarlet – Precise Pleasure

Scarlet is an expert in sex…we already know this :-) But now watch her show you how precisely she can pleasure herself with her brand new toy. You may actually get a bit jealous of the dildo ;-)
Hmm…cum take the chance!
P.S. she is also an expert at squirting.
P.S. I had actually bought that one for myself and she wanted it so bad I gave it to her.

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Scarlet & Christine – Lucky Man

Scarlet and Mr. X already showed us their incredible chemistry in “Raw Passion.”
Get ready for that and more when the beautiful redhead Christine joins X-Art and this sexy scene. Mr. X raved about these two delicious girls (I’m sure I would too! ;-))
Lucky, lucky man. And lucky girls…

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Scarlet – Smarty Pants

Scarlet - Smarty Pants

Scarlet is a real “smarty pants”.
In real life she is studying to be a mortician (how cool is that???) If you were dead, would you come back to be “handled” by this amazingly hot girl!?! Duh! Of course you would. We love Scarlet.
Anyway, even if you’re not dead, watch her cum and feel alive for now!

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Scarlet & Jayden – Blindfold Me Part II

Blindfold me and tie me up” is a recurring theme around here. Watch this absolutely stunning scene as new model Jayden and amazing X-Art exclusive model Scarlet have kinky and hot sex. And that was just “part one”…James steps in for “part two”.

And let’s see who wins this little control game. But no matter, they all had fun and amazing orgasms. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like to be blindfolded?

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Scarlet & Jenna – This Actually Happened

What more can I say? This really happened. One of the HOTTEST threesomes you will EVER see. If this HD video doesn’t get your heart racing, seriously check your pulse.

Yep, this really happened! OMG, James and these two brunette beauties could not get any more passionate or orgasmic. Soooooo awesome.
Photos from one of the hottest videos ever….

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Scarlet – The Young and The Restless

Scarlet and James have insanely hot passionate sex! You would swear that they are a real-life couple.
Great shots of her beautiful eyes and perfect body as she sucks and rides him. He makes her cum with his mouth and then slides his large cock in her tight pussy. You can hear the pleasure from her involuntary moan.
Moving together until they can’t hold back for the explosive finish.
Young and restless is an understatement.

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Capri, Kiera & Scarlet – Happy Birthday Capri

Happy Birthday Capri! (And to me, my Birthday is the coming weekend when the HD video comes out!)
This is another kind of silly and fun video that I produced and directed.
Watch as Kiera and Scarlet sing Happy Birthday to their friend and then the two strippers (that the girls ordered bring in some champagne and the party really gets started)!
Capri takes the directing position and starts telling everyone what she wants them to do for her birthday. Suck this, fuck that etc. etc….
It turns into a big hilarious orgy! Again, this one is not fully X-Art style, but it’s my Birthday this week, so let me have my fun ;-)
Hope you like it! And just have fun with it!
Birthday wishes and joining of X-Art are appreciated for my celebration!

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Bunny & Scarlet – Fashion Models

I don’t know if any of you guys know this, but in my younger years (teens actually) I did a little bit of fashion modeling. When I never grew past 5’7 by 19 years old I retired.
Anyway, so many of the photographers were such weirdos (obviously not all photographers are pompous a-holes LOL). Most are pretty cool. But, I thought it would be funny to try and direct Tyler to be a jerk (if you know him, you would see that he is actually one of the nicest guys on the planet; so his acting skills are really quite good here!). I had to keep reminding him to be a jerk, the girls and I were cracking up the entire time! I also had to keep directing the girls to act like they didn’t want him (because they both thought he was really hot, which he is…and so are they).
Soooo, long story short (or kind of long I guess) this all adds up to a whole bunch of fun.
We put the red fake-leather furniture on the set to make it seem a little cheesy and 80’s-style too. But for me, it works. It’s a little bit of comedic relief and hot sex in a world filled with seriousness.
And now if you want to watch a REALLY HOT AND FUN THREESOME then check this one out. It may not be fully X-Art style but it is a few laughs and some great orgasms.
Really what’s wrong with that? “Are you doubting my Artistic Integrity???….”LOL

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