Model: Stasha

Stasha is a stunning girl. She loves to drink Champagne, listen to American Rock music and is saving her modeling money to buy a sports car. She’s bisexual, but is looking for a nice man to live with in Europe or USA.

Stasha – Puffy Nipples

Stasha is pretty as a Princess with her puffy nipples, flat stomach and slender fashion-model figure! When she takes of her bright red cotton panties, Stasha lifts her legs up over her head to show you absolutely everything! It’s rare to see a beauty like this posing nude…

  • Stasha – Russian Roommates

    Imagine this… you come home after a long work day, to find Liza and her naughty roommate waiting for you – wearing skimpy, lacy lingerie. Liza and Stasha look pretty comfortable without their clothes on. Perhaps they were sipping on a little vodka to fend off the autumn chill. Things really start to heat up when the girls light a fire and cozy-up next to each other on a fur rug to get warm. As the girls get closer and closer, their soft skin finally rubs together. Mmmmm… so soft! In the closeup shots, you can actually see them both getting turned on and wet. A two-girl treat like this is the perfect way to spend a chilly October night!!!