Model: Tiffany

Tiffany Thompson is a quite simply perfect in every way imaginable. Her beaming smile and gorgeous body reflect her inner beauty. Tiffany’s charm, grace, and boundless sexuality are apparent in every move she makes. She’ll remind you of that gorgeous girl who stole your heart in high school…

Tiffany – Do It To Me One More Time

Can we really ever get enough of Tiffany?
Personally I can’t stop staring at this stunning couple.
They stayed at our house during the shoots this week and every day we all got up at 6am to drive to a county where we can shoot our kind of work in peace. But after we all the arrived at the house, the energy became hot and sweet. Tiffany and Brandon have just gotten back together after a short break-up so they were really hot for each other and lucky for us, saved it for our cameras!
Watch these Super Models having sex one more time…

  • Tiffany – Good Morning I Love You

    What else could you say if you had the chance to wake up to that gorgeous freckled face and stunning green eyes?
    And then she crawls across the bed and gets on her knees, spreading her pink pussy in contrast to her tan skin and long legs while she begs you to fuck her. Uhh, yep I would at least say Good Morning. Isn’t it funny how some women get more beautiful as they get older? This has definitely happened with Tiffany. She was always pretty, but when she was 18 years old she was cuter and now she is a jaw-dropping, raven-haired beauty to rival the Giselle’s of the world.
    So welcome back Tiffany.
    She is in the mood for love and so will you be after you watch this…

  • Tiffany’s Tight Ass

    Attention X-Art lovers of our one and only original Tiffany: We have an AMAZING surprise for you! (if you enjoy first times and/or back door love), you’ve come to the right place. This is EXCLUSIVELY for X-Art (soon to also be featured for members on our new site (but we wanted to get this scene to our loyal members now).
    Tiffany wanted to try and decided she was ready to explore her oh-so-tight ass. This video alone is worth the cost of joining. Watch her lucky boyfriend of 10 years get his first try on camera.
    Cum inside.

  • Tiffany – At Home With Tiffany

    X-art Tiffany - At Home With Tiffany

    What better way to complete Valentine’s weekend than to see these two real life lovebirds have a sexy good time at home? There’s really nothing more enjoyable than witnessing true love…and then experiencing some really great sucking and fucking along with it :-)
    Tiffany and Brandon are one of a kind (or two of a kind, I guess :-))
    Get it on with them tonight!

  • Tiffany - At Home With Tiffany
  • Tiffany – I Will See You In The Morning

    Tiffany - I Will See You In The Morning

    Tiffany just got off the phone with Brandon, who invited her for a romantic rendezvous the next morning. She’s already looking forward to it, but is spending the night alone tonight and just can’t wait that long. So she decides to treat herself to a little pre-date play with her pretty pink toy.
    Enjoy this delicious girl tonight…..and I will see you in the morning ;-)

  • Tiffany - I Will See You In The Morning
  • Tiffany – In For The Night

    Tiffany and Brandon are back!!! And they are better than ever, and they have been together since the sixth grade!
    They are made for each other! And tonight, tonight they are “in for the night” (with our lights obviously so you can see the action). Watch and enjoy this amazing couple cumming together and back at X-Art!
    Looking forward to more of them in 2014! Stay in, watch X-Art ;-)

  • Tiffany – Like the First Time

    Tiffany and Brandon together again for another awesome HD video! Tiffany, now 19 years old has been pursuing school and fashion modeling, but lucky for us she is still an exhibitionist. She and Brandon called me and asked if they could come over and make a new X-Art scene, so of course we said YES! They had abstained from having sex for a few days before shooting so they could enjoy making the video as hot as possible.
    They said that they wanted our members to experience their true feelings for each other.Watch them kiss and make passionate love until he fills her with cum.
    A gorgeous, real couple that you won’t want to miss. And they are only on X-Art :-)

  • Tiffany & Brooklyn – Heavenly Brunettes

    Come and watch two of the most beautiful brunettes on earth share a heavenly afternoon. Enjoy as they explore their toned bodies and take turns pleasuring each other orally. Notice their lovely faces and adorable freckles. If these two are in it, heaven must be a place on earth!

  • Caprice & Tiffany – Just Us Girls

    Presenting Tiffany’s first lesbian experience. She and Caprice kiss, lick and explore their bodies in this stunning high resolution photo series. Tiffany is just 18 and has never been with a girl, lucky for her Caprice will be her first experience. Caprice loves lesbian sex and is an excellent first partner for fashion model Tiffany. They start with slow, tender kisses until Tiffany is so turned on that she can’t wait.  Caprice guides Tiffany as she licks and fingers her pussy, then Caprice takes a turn on Tiffany. They are wanting more so they get out a simple sex toy and use it to make each other cum.  Make sure to download and save this great high resolution photo series of Tiffany’s first lesbian experience!


  • Tiffany – Sex with a Supermodel

    Experience for yourself what it’s like to have sex with a Supermodel! Sex with a Supermodel presents a gorgeous, passionate couple’s real erotic experience – combined with innovative cinematography. This time, you feel like you’re right there – part of the action! During the blowjob, you can practically feel Tiffany’s perfect lips wrapped around your aching cock, as she takes it eagerly down her throat. Her big green eyes look right up at you, smiling… a truly magical moment. When she finally climbs on top to fuck you – you can see everything – your cock moving in and out, her beautiful face, her gorgeous breasts, and the shape of her hips. It’s the next best thing to actually having sex with Tiffany!