Model: Tina

A truly special and tiny girl. Tina has French roots. The most Amazing blue eyes and raven-black hair you have ever seen. Extremely bright, she is force to be reckoned with. Such a petite frame of only about 90 lbs; she packs a big punch for a very small girl. You will fall in love over and over again. She is really amazing!!!

Tina – I Love James Deen

Tina - I Love James Deen

Re: Loving James seems like so do a lot of models, girls, men, ordinary people and probably his family and pets too. Anyway, today it is Tina’s turn to “love” James Deen and we got really lucky. The chemistry was amazing. I think Tina looks a little bit like James’ girlfriend and she has an instaiable appetite for sex.

Watch him push his huge cock in her tiny pussy as she moans with delight. She is so little (maybe 90 lbs). Then watch her ride him until she has an awesome orgasm. Seriously, do not miss this! You won’t regret watching this video whether you love James Deen or not. You may become a fan or a deenager or whatever he calls his groupies ;-) LOL

  • Tina - I Love James Deen