Model: Viktoria

Viktoria has come from Russia to start a new life. She just can’t find a man to satisfy her sexual appetite back in her small town. Well, she certainly has found some hot new guys to fuck in her travels. Viktoria is an avid reader and always looking for the next big adventure. She is always up for anything!

Rebecca, Viktoria – Cum In For An Orgy

Viktoria is getting a work out in, hiking the hills of Budapest when she comes across a couple looking for their hotel. She quickly notices Rebecca in her little jean shorts and tank top shivering from the cold. Then she sees the lost girls boyfriend trying to find their way on his phone. She decides to help them out. But the temperature has dropped outside, so she invites the couple into her home. She guides them in the right direction and the two girls get a little closer. They notive each others perfect bodies and start kissung and touching to stay warm. Rebecca loves touching Viktoria’s large perky breasts. Eventually Marc want to get included and the girls smile as they each take a hold of his massive cock. They tease him with sensual play until Rebecca climbs on top and rides him until her she’s wet all over and covers him as she cums. Viktoria gets her turn next and takes his cock deep until both girls give him the ultimate ending!
This is a hot threesome you do not want to miss. Note to self. Do go hiking alone!