Kato – Party Girl

Kato (pronounced Kay-toh) is the kind of girl who likes to dance all night and party ’til the break of day. Maybe that’s how she manages to keep herself so thin… she’s always on the move! If you want to meet this stunning 19 year old, your best bet is to hang out in the VIP section of Hollywood’s hottest nightclubs. She’ll be at a table with bottle service, sipping champagne and wearing a tiny black dress that drives you out of your mind.

How many times have you wished one of those HOT girls in your favorite lingerie catalog would take it all off? Well, your fantasy is about to come true…
In this stunning high resolution photo-series, gorgeous 19 year-old model Kato slowly strips out of her black negligee and panties… showing off her perfect breasts, narrow waist and long legs. She then dances seductively in the nude, just for you. Enjoy!

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