Mary – Show You My Love

Mary wants to show you her skills in the bedroom….
Mary strips out of her lace bra and panties, letting her plump breasts hang free. She slowly takes his cock in her mouth. She gives an extraordinary performance, swallowing it all the way to the base, which turns her on and makes her really wet. When she’s dripping and ready, she climbs on top and rides him until she’s satisfied. While she’s still writhing with pleasure, he fucks her hard from the side, on-top and behind, she moans and cries out, showing him how much she’s enjoying the action. He slows the motion down until he can’t take anymore and literally explodes inside and outside her pussy. Shaking with ecstasy, he pushes his cum-covered cock slowly back into her swollen pussy, savoring the last moments of his mind-blowing orgasm.

One thought on “Mary – Show You My Love”

  1. You are so beautiful, I wish I could spend my days with you, doing nothing but sex all day long. That thought is the most alluring to me.

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