Katrina – Come Closer

The sleek curves of Katrina’s body are bathed in soft white light. She stands naked in the hallway, admiring her perfect silhouette in the mirror. Katrina’s fingertip dances across open lips, feeling the wetness of her tongue. She lowers her hand and gently glides it across her hips. She widens her stance, opening her legs to explore that inviting space between her legs…

  • Dominique – Room Service

    Dominique is half Italian, half Czech and 100% gorgeous. She’s a charming and beautiful girl with olive skin, a dancer’s body and an irresistible twinkle in her big brown eyes.
    You check into a luxury hotel and order room service. What’s on the menu? Champagne and caviar, and the beautiful Dominique, a la carte. Once inside your room, Dominique slips out of her clothes and begins posing seductively. She drapes her long, lean legs over the side of a mahogany table and invites you to come closer. You hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door and return for your intimate, private show. Enjoy!

  • Megan – Puffy When Wet

    She’s one of those girls who is more comfortable fully nude then in clothes. She liked to tease the camera with her eyes, while her hands roamed across her body.

    Mega-cutey Megan gets ready for the photoshoot by stepping out of her underwear. She relaxes on the bed in front of you. As you hold the camera in your hands, she looks you right in the eye. Smiling, she licks her fingers and gently spreads herself open. A glistening drop of liquid forms at the edge of her lips. You zoom in for an extreme close-up shot. She pulls out a gorgeous glass sex toy. The smooth surface makes the big toy just a little easier for her to push inside.
    Megan stuffs herself to the hilt as you continue snapping photos. Being a photographer has its benefits!

  • Kat – 1969

    The year is 1969. Kat just turned 18 and she’s ready to fulfill her fantasy of posing nude in a “girly magazine”. She doesn’t know a photographer, so she decides to take the photos herself. Kat can feel herself getting turned on as her clothes gradually come off in this hot 5 minute video.
    She slips out of her panties, lifts one knee to her chest and takes a picture of the wetness down there… Picture perfect.

  • Katrina – Perfectly Pink

    Katrina seductively removes her thong panties and rolls around in a fluffy white bed. She’s happy to finally be alone with you in her bedroom. She slowly raises her knees towards her chest and her perfect pink lips part. She’s waiting for you to make your move… now or never!

  • Aria – The Secretary

    Another boring day at the office? We have the solution…
    Beautiful blond Aria walks into the room wearing black panties and a see-through mesh top. Her hips sway as she pulls off her panties and straddles a bright red office chair.  Her ice blue eyes cast an irresistible gaze in your direction and her legs fall open, giving you a sneak peek of what’s to come.
    With a new secretary like Aria, we can guarantee your work will be more exciting than ever!

  • Kat – Translucence

    Her body glistening with oil, Kat plays with a translucent sex toy and gives you a BEAUTIFUL view inside her tight pink pussy.Kat got REALLY turned on while we were shooting, which you’ll love watching.
    After massaging her breasts and getting warmed up, Kat slowly lowers herself down on the large, egg-shaped clear toy. It’s definitely a bit too big for her, but she somehow manages to get it all the way in. She then starts slowly fucking the toy and playing with herself… getting even wetter and more turned on.Kat then sits back in the chair and lifts her knees to give you a bird’s eye view all the way inside her pussy, as milky white cum drips out of her. Incredible!!!

  • Mischa – Thin and Delicious

    Mischa is one of those tiny, skinny, beautiful girls who could charm the pants off just about anyone. She has a gorgeous smile that practically lights up the room. Being in the room with Mischa just makes you feel gooooood. There’s something magical about Mischa!!!

    Watch as tiny little hottie Mischa (who only weighs 94 lbs!) stands on her tippy toes and slowly strips out of her see-through negligee.  Once her clothes are cast aside, Mischa radiates a quiet confidence as she looks straight at you with her big green eyes. Mischa has studied ballet from an early age – and it shows. Her long, lean legs lead up a perky ass, protruding hips and a firm, flat stomach. Mischa’s super-soft brunette hair brushes across her back as she dances for the camera. Her hair forms the perfect frame for her fashion-model face. Her full lips part, as aching for just one slow kiss.

  • Holly – Living Doll

    Holly is a beautiful, super-slender 19 year-old fashion model who spends her days attending university. Lounging in a private back-room at a trendy after-hours club in Moscow, Holly kicks off her heels and lifts her long, thin legs high in the air. Her initial shyness melts away as Holly warms up to the camera. A small drop of wetness forms between her legs. She checks herself with one finger and blushes.
    Enjoy Holly’s first nude photos – only on x-art.com!

  • Kat – Bound to Please

    Kat is a mischievous, naughty nineteen year old from Northern California. She has full, kissable lips, big almond-shaped eyes (like a cat), long lean legs, a skinny waist and the most amazing, gravity-defying breasts. Kat is brand new to modeling. This was only her second time in front of the camera. Best of all, Kat was unbelievably horny during the shoot.

    With hot pink bondage tape wrapped tightly around her wrists and ankles, Kat enjoys the struggle to break free. Kat has always enjoyed to play games and she LOVES to be tied up. As her arms are stretched overhead, a smile spreads across Kat’s adorable face. What’s on her mind? Let’s just say she’s ready and willing to surrender…

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