Katrina – Watch Me Cum

Katrina slips out of her clothes and gets between the sheets, snuggling up next to you. She purrs like a kitten as your hands gently caress her smooth skin. Her knees fall open, inviting you to explore. Your tongue finds her sweetest spot, like honey. Her hips rise up to meet you and she let’s out a quiet moan. She climbs on top of you, eager to return the favor. You swell as she takes you all the way inside her warm, pink throat. Neither one of you can wait another second. You do what feels right… pushing just the tip inside her. In, then out, until you’re all the way inside.
Katrina’s eyes look like heaven as she fucks you. You can’t wait to watch her cum…

  • Francesca – Auto Erotica

    Skinny blond model Francesca straddles the hood of a sleek sports car, wearing a tiny silver bikini. The deep hum of the 12-cylinder engine sets the mood.
    Francesca smiles as she takes off her top and pulls her bikini bottom aside, revealing herself fully to the camera.
    Her hands roam across her golden skin, eventually landing in that special spot; now dripping wet. Enjoy!

  • Natasha – Aquamarine

    Natasha is one of our favorite skinny brunette models. Perhaps it’s her big brown eyes, her long lean legs, or her cute smile… she’s simply heaven sent.
    In this gorgeous series of 66 high resolution photos, Natasha is absolutely angelic; playing in the blue water… showing off every perfect detail of her 19 year old body.
    Can you imagine being there with her? Watching her playing in the nude on this gorgeous summer afternoon?

  • Natasha – Pink Pearls

    Natasha was working as the top stylist in a hair salon. She’s one of those fun, flirty girls who can entertain you for hours with the latest dish of celebrity gossip, all the while effortlessly trimming your locks. Natasha is a big believer in girl-power, and she thinks girls are just as hot as guys. Among her many assets, Natasha is most proud of her big brown eyes, Cupid’s arrow lips and gravity defying breasts. Natasha, you’re such a tease… and that’s why we love you!

    Natasha slips out of her pink panties and playfully dances in the sand, celebrating her sexual beauty amidst a striking setting. Enjoy the sharp curves of her slender body as she sprays herself with oil and gets all hot & bothered in the summer heat!

  • Aria – The Morning After

    Beautiful Aria awakes in bed completely nude, and seductively stretches her perfect young body.
    She rolls over and looks at you with those big crystal blue eyes and pouting lips. Even without uttering a single word, she makes your pulse beat faster.

  • Katy – High School Sweetheart

    18 year old Katy graduated from high school last year. She’s always wanted to try nude modeling, so she decided to give it a try. Katy slowly strips out of her pink cotton panties and plays with herself, showing off her perfect, slender body.  She admits that she loves the way she looks (so do I) and she enjoys walking around naked whenever she’s home alone.
    Although this was her first time posing nude, Katy had no hesitations about sharing the wild side of her sexuality.

  • Sofia – Flexible Ballerina

    Sofia has been studying ballet for more than 10 years, which explains her firm, flexible physique. She says the rigorous stretching and toning exercises of ballet keeps her slim, slender and strong.
    Watch Sofia twist and bend her beautiful, tiny nude body into a variety of positions… in this fantastic photo series!

  • Introducing Aria

    18 year-old Aria is a fashion model and part-time Italian university student who lives in Florence, Italy. Her interests include painting, antiques, travel and poetry.
    When she isn’t busy running between appointments, Aria can often be strolling through galleries and museums. She hopes to one day have a career in art restoration.
    A romantic at heart, Aria says she believes in love at first sight.

  • Becka – First Nudes

    18 year old Becka graces us with her very first nude photos!
    As the sun rose, it cast warm rays across this model’s flawless skin.
    A soft breeze blew Becka’s wavy auburn hair as she rolled and played in the sand…

  • Sandy – Nymph

    Imagine that you’re hiking in the forest and you happen upon a naughty little nude nymph. She balances herself on a rock with one leg raised in the air. The nymph waves her hand in your direction… inviting you to come closer.
    Presenting an intimate tale of perfect natural beauty. This series features 40 gorgeous high resolution images, shot exclusively for X-Art!

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