Roberta – Brazilian Beauty

Roberta appeared in Playboy Brazil just a few months after her 18th birthday and instantly gained celebrity status for her drop-dead good looks.
Turquoise water, soft white sand and a beachfront cabana surrounded by lush tropical plants created the ideal backdrop for Roberta’s natural beauty.

  • Georgia – Gorgeous

    This photo series begins with 18 year old Georgia flaunting her slender, nubile physique. Topless, she wears nothing but a sleek, skin-tight black leather miniskirt.
    Georgia looks the part of a hot young fashion model, her ribs gently pushing her perky little breasts towards the sky.
    She slips out of the skirt and stretches her arms overhead, teasing the camera with pink, pouting, glossy lips and jutting hips.
    The camera moves in for a closeup. Georgia’s emerald green eyes catch the light, giving you a momentary glimpse into her thoughts.
    You’re so close, you can almost feel Georgia’s warm breath as she exhales. Can you just imagine her soft, gentle kiss?

  • Francesca – Heaven

    Heavenly white light surrounded Francesca as she stretched her long slender body on the white couch.
    She gently teased a drop of moisture from the opening of her pussy with the firm tip of a colorful glass sex toy. Once the end was wet, she could slowly guide the toy through her soft pink opening.
    It was too big for her to take all the way, but she liked the way the bulbous head felt she carefully worked it in and out.
    The more she played, the wetter she got. Eventually, a think layer of milky liquid dripped from the toy. She was happy she came, and so were we.

  • Inside Mia

    Completely nude and lying on her back, Mia grinned, her huge brown eyes shining, as the camera hovered over her.
    She spread her legs out, stretching herself over a soft white cushion. Reaching into her purse, she took out one of her favorite toys – a silver vibrator.
    Mia slowly worked the buzzing tip inside herself, savoring the sensation. She flashed a sweet smile and her body shuddered as the lens captured this beautiful, fleeting moment.

  • Francesca – Sucker for Pussy

    “I always like to have something in my mouth,” barely legal Francesca smiles, “it doesn’t matter what it is… anything to keep my mouth from feeling empty.”
    The petite, adorable blond giggles and smiles, “I love lollipops.”
    Francesca parades around in her panties swinging her pigtails over her bare breasts. She slowly touches her nipples, teasing them with the soft, silky tips of her hair.
    Francesca brings a round, rainbow lollipop up to her lips. She slowly flickers her tongue against the hard candy surface, savoring the sweet, sticky flavor.
    She kicks off her panties, spreading her legs. Pulling from her candy collection, Francesca reveals the main event: a 12 inch, spiraling stick of hard sugar. She twists the candy up inside herself. When she pulls it out again, it’s glazed and shiny from her juices.

  • Sasha – School Slut

    Sasha Grey loves to roleplay. In those pics she’s dressed up as a drop-dead sexy co-ed. Just back from cheerleading practice, Sasha spins in her plaid skirt, her long luscious legs covered up to her inner thighs in smooth silky, white stockings.
    Still sweaty and hot from practice, Sasha slowly untwists the knot on her shirt, enjoying the feeling of the sudden cold on her hard, sensitive, nipples.
    Sasha discovers a surprise, given to her by the team as a tribute to her school spirit. Through a hole in the wall, Sasha grasps her trophy: a long, lifelike silicone dildo. She rubs it against her lips through the thin cotton of her panties.
    Pushing her toes together Sasha clamps down on the cock with her feet. She jerks it off, relishing the smooth feel against her soft soles. Sasha grabs the dildo in her fist, pumping it in front of her mouth.

  • Simply Sasha

    It’s easy to love the legendary Sasha Grey! She’s a performance artist-extraordinaire, who combines raw sex appeal and talent.
    These photos show-off Sasha’s wide range of  irresistible expressions, transforming in a few frames from vulgar vixen to demure co-ed.
    Her perfectly formed bubble butt just asks for attention, as her round, firm breasts jut upward – nipples pointed to the sky.
    Be careful… Sasha will seduce you!

  • Daisy – Fucking Beautiful

    Eyes closed, creating a blissful moment in her mind, Daisy rubs her breasts. Kneeling down on a sheet of black satin, she slowly grinds her hips. The soft, silky feeling against her knees causes Daisy to smile and open up.
    She runs her hand from the edge of her palm to her finger tips over her warm, inviting love, savoring every second of the sensation.
    Daisy kisses the tip of a thick, clear dildo, gliding it down her lips and then resting it against her chin. She takes the head into her beautiful, delicate mouth and then she pushes the dildo up inside her pussy.

  • Kiley – Pretty Baby

    In her first erotic photoshoot, Kiley stretches out her graceful, slender body.  Completely naked, she twists at the waste, rolling around a plush white carpet. Lying back, she cradles her breasts between long, delicate fingers.
    She runs her fingertips across her stomach and then downward. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she spreads her lips open.
    Kiley gently presses her finger to her tongue, enticing herself with the taste… arousing herself with her own aroma.

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