Brynn – My Big Red Toy

Brynn wearing a bright pink halter top, matching Converse tennis shoes and tight ripped jean shorts that rode up a little, giving wandering eyes a glimpse of the curve of her ass.
She pulled off her halter top and stretched out, topless, on the couch. Brynn pulled her ‘Big Red Toy’ out of her model bag.
Brynn unzipped her shorts and let them fall to the floor, revealing a faint wet spot on her polka-dot panties.
Brynn slammed the suction end of her toy on the glass table. She licked her fingers and made sure her pussy was ready …

  • Eve – Croatian Sun

    Eve and I spent a week together in Croatia taking photos, exploring remote beaches and basking in the summer sun.
    She was 18 years old at the time and had just begun modeling to help pay her way through university.
    At first, Eve was demure; modest and shy in a playful, provocative way. She loved to show off her nubile body, but she was intentionally awkward in front of the camera. Taking her picture was a game of cat and mouse.
    In spite of the hot sun, a light breeze made the tiny blond hairs on her body stand on end. Her nipples grew hard. She turned her back and stared off into the distance. As she waded into the ocean, droplets of water splashed across her bronze skin.

  • Nella – Orange Crush

    Sexy and insatiable Nella at her very finest…
    In a symphony of light, shadow and color, Nella squeezes the juice of an orange and lets it drip all over her naked body.
    Truly unforgettable!

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