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Aubrey – Domination Part I: Her Fantasy

Aubrey stars as a seductive secretary who works for a handsome, wealthy young businessman (James Deen). One morning, Aubrey prepares espresso and a cigar for her boss and delivers it to him in his office. As usual, he is so entrenched in work (or looking at X-Art on his computer?) that he barely notices her. When he leaves to drive to a meeting, Aubrey sneaks into his office and ‘accidentally’ wakes up his laptop computer.
She discovers his profile page on X-Art Community, where he posts some very hot bondage photos from his sexual exploits with other women. Instantly, Aubrey is consumed by a kinky fantasy that plays out in her mind. What would happen if he caught her snooping on his computer?
She feels like she deserves a little punishment – and a lot of pleasure – from her domineering boss.
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  • Aubrey – Domination – Part I

    X Art Aubrey - Domination - Part I

    I shot these gorgeous photos and produced this movie months ago, but I’ve been waiting to release it because first, I thought the action was so real that it was a little too naughty for X-Art, plus I wanted to wait for the 50-Shades hype to fade so we could express how a real Dominant-Submissive lovemaking session actually looks and feels.

    And, as with every scene we shoot – especially those that show domination, it’s important to point out that extra care and caution is given to be absolutely sure that Aubrey was safe, comfortable, and enjoying herself during the entire production.
    She actually describes it as “one of the most intensely erotic experiences of her life”.
    Hope you love it too!

  • X Art Aubrey - Domination - Part I
  • Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll

    Colette Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll

    What better way to kick off “Sunday fun day” than seeing our gorgeous French girl Tiffany Doll getting fucked by five hot and horny guys at the same time (or almost the same time…at least three at once!) She’s filled up like never before, and has no problem handling the hard cocks and cum loads of these stallions.
    We’ll let the orgasms speak for themselves.
    Cum experience the fun in five on one orgy sex!
    Tiffany loves this stuff!
    Let her show you how it’s done!
    And ask her about it on X-Art.

  • Colette Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll
  • Aubrey – Bound By Desire

    X Art Aubrey - Bound By Desire

    X-Art exclusive teen hottie Aubrey has been bound by many things – rope, shackles, handcuffs, silk ties…and this time she’s bound by desire.
    Desire for another lustful sex session with her newest crush Tyler. The chemistry is always hot with these two but this time a little kinkiness added to the passion makes for SUPER HOT sex.
    Cum see what I mean…

  • X Art Aubrey - Bound By Desire
  • Lisa – Lisa’s Playroom

    So we’ve probably all watched “that movie” by now…We have some much better footage coming your way BTW.
    But here for now, we give Lisa the chance to explore (with her husband) some of her deepest sexual desires. He binds her hands while he makes her cum with his mouth, fingers and then a big white dildo. He teases with ice and ropes and she pleases him with crotchless panties and high heels. They also explore her ass for the first time. This tall fashion model gone erotic beauty has brought us along for the ride of her sexual awakening at X-Art.
    She is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, which makes her that much hotter. So sweet and so sexual. If you met Lisa, you would probably fall over in love.
    If you got inside her playroom, you might not be able to do much more than stare at the venus in front of you!
    Lucky for everyone she is willing to share here.
    Cum inside.

  • X Art Lisa - Lisa's Playroom
  • Caprice – Bring Me To My Knees

    Caprice surprises Marcello by blindfolding and tying herself up for him to enjoy however he wishes.
    Her only desire is that he uses both her mouth and pussy to get both of them off. The restraint turns him on, as he slides both the rope and his zipper down, bringing Caprice to her knees. She blindly searches for his growing cock, begging to taste it deep in her mouth.
    Standing her up, he removes her blindfold and bodice..and I think you can guess what happens next!

  • Jenna, Aubrey – My Submissive Little Pet

    Colette Jenna, Aubrey - My Submissive Little Pet

    We interviewed Aubrey about her sexual preferences, and she confided that she really doesn’t care for ‘soft romantic’ sex.
    She prefers rough sex, and she loves to be totally dominated by older men, as long as she knows she can trust her partner(s). We asked her what she would like to do for a scene. And with Aubrey and Brig’s direction on this Valentine’s Day, we bring you a young girl’s fantasy come to life.
    The movie to go with this stunning set is next. So cum in and join the site and the fun and let’s all tie each other up and celebrate a holiday that we really know nothing about (except that we’re supposed to have red roses and sex, oh and chocolate?).
    Looking forward to seeing you soon, my submissive little pet!

  • Colette Jenna, Aubrey - My Submissive Little Pet
  • Grace – Foot Fetish

    Foot fetish anyone?
    Grace’s boyfriend asks her to do him a favor. It’s his best friend’s birthday and he wants to give the guy an awesome present! To honor his bromance he asks his gorgeous girl to give a blowjob and ‘foot-job’ to the lucky guy. Seems like they had lots of fun. I hope Grace’s guy doesn’t mind how much she also liked it ;-)
    Happy Birthday Baby!