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Veronica – Cum Worthy

X Art Veronica - Cum Worthy

How is it that Veronica (I ADORE HER) can bring so much pleasure to anyone she embraces?
I think I might be able to shed some light on this erotic phenomenon. It’s simple, really…she’s hot as hell and passionate with everything (and everyone) she does! And what’s better fuel for life than doing what you love and loving what you do? This stunning Latina is the definition of sugar and spice with a lot of fire in her, and she’s ready to ignite a passion within you!
I promise it will be beyond a worthy use of your time to watch this couple ignite!
Watch out because you just could explode…

  • X Art Veronica - Cum Worthy
  • Veronica – Spread Wide Open

    X Art Veronica - Spread Wide Open

    Xander arrives as Veronica is finishing dressing and applying her makeup.
    She gives him a “fuck me” look then begins giving him head, just now realizing how big his dick is. She’s instantly wet and aching in anticipation. Then once he’s inside her, he grows even bigger and stretches her little pussy to the absolute limit.
    Sometimes a little wince of pain can be followed by so much pleasure…don’t you think?

  • X Art Veronica - Spread Wide Open
  • Veronica – Sizzling Hot

    Veronica Rodriguez is one of the horniest girls I’ve ever met.
    She fucks herself like she fucks her lovers – intensely and passionately – and she has the sexiest dirty mouth of any girl out there. She even talks dirty to herself while masterfully masturbating. Plus, she’s super playful and sizzling HOT.
    Want to join her for some slippery fun?
    She’s wet and ready for you.

  • x_art_veronica_sizzling_hot
  • Veronica – Barely Fits

    Veronica Rodriguez is one of the hottest models in the erotic business today.
    And it’s no wonder why. She is super sexual, an amazing squirter and this tiny latina princess can take a huge cock and ride like she’s at a championship rodeo. Then to add to her charm she is extremely smart, takes care of her family and goes to school. An amazing dream girl all around!
    Watch this charming couple go at it like porn stars and love like Romeo & Juliet.

  • x_art_veronica_barely_fits
  • Jenna – Elevated Erotica

    X Art Jenna - Elevated Erotica

    Ready for another Brazilian rendezvous?
    This time our American beauty Jenna has her first fling with our European stud Jake. We know you’ve all been waiting for these two to finally get together – well the time has come! (and it is HOT as hell!) Step inside and be elevated to sexual heights you’ll rarely experience.
    This Sao Paulo highrise was flooded with incredible sexual energy and gorgeous light.
    I’m pretty sure you will like the view ;-)

  • X Art Jenna - Elevated Erotica
  • Kaylee, Jenna, Sammy – Brazilian Love Affair

    During Jake and Sammy’s sexy little trip to Brazil, they decide to extend their date one evening by ordering a little room service. And when I say room service, I mean two hot babes in sexy lacy lingerie arriving at your door, stripping, then making each other cum…right in front of you. This little show is just what the couple needs to heat things up and get them in the mood.

    Then more fun begins when Sammy tells Jake “I hope you enjoyed the show….now is it my turn?” as she’s dying to get his cock in her mouth and pussy. Jake is also blown away by the heat in the room, and responds accordingly ;-) (there’s plenty of orgasms to prove it!).

    It’s a Brazilian love affair!

  • x-art_samantha_jenna_kaylee_jake_brazilian_love_affair
  • Vicky – Love With a View

    Vicky - Love With a View

    After a few drinks at a resort Vicky and Dylan meet for the frist time. They find a secret place overlooking the ocean and start talking. Well, Vicky came on that vacation for one thing and she knows what she wants.

    Luckily Dylan is a willing victim. Watch them hungrily ravage each other until he finishes with a huge load of cum all over her face! (Ok, I know it sounds “porny” for me to say “huge load of cum” haha I was laughing at myself while writing it, but it’s TRUE). This one may be a little hard for true X-Art style but Vicky LOVED every minute, she is awesome!!!

  • Vicky - Love With a View
  • Amelie – Malibu Moments

    Everyone meet Amelie, this adorable and sexy beauty shares some special Malbu moments with X-Art regular Tyler. Watch as their natural chemistry takes them to new heights of pleasure. They have really hot sex on our living room rug (in front of the fire) until he can’t hold back and finishes all over her perfect ass.
    I think you will love this pair!

  • x-art_amelie_tyler_malibu_moments
  • Addison – Tarde Espanola

    Tarde Espanola = A Spanish Afternoon.
    Which is exactly what Addison and Logan and enjoy on a beautiful and breezy day in Spain. Addison had just broken up with her boyfriend and Logan steps in to take her mind off it. After some oral pleasure and really passionate sex, it seems like these two may have become an item.
    Watch her take him all the way down her throat and enjoy her pleasure as he makes her come with his tongue and fingers. Then she rides him until she has another orgasm. Finally, he finishes inside.
    Ahh, an afternoon in Spain ~ doesn’t it make you want to take a vacation?

  • x-art_addison_tarde_espanola